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Here at Griffin Plumbing we are truly grateful for the customers who entrust us with the plumbing needs of their homes and businesses, and especially for those who share their experiences with others through Griffin Plumbing reviews. Tim P. of Santa Maria is one of those exceptional customers, and we are excited to let him tell his story in this video. Here’s what he had to say:

“I’m a Maintenance Manager at a medical center in Santa Maria, and we were in the process of remodeling two of our suites. I had a contractor that was doing new plumbing in the suites, and he ran into a problem that he couldn’t deal with because it was outside of his scope and realm of what he needed to do and what I contracted him for. So I called Griffin Plumbing up, and it was a late Friday night, and Chico who is one of the technicians showed up. We proceeded to go through the problem and he told me it was affecting all four suites in the building. He said he needed to come back Saturday morning, and they were going to jet out the lines.

So early Saturday morning at 8:00 he was here, and also Jeremy the owner came because he wanted to make sure that I understood what they were going to do because it was a big project. He showed me the video of the camera going down through the pipes, and he told me what they were going to do and how long it was going to take. He had two of his technicians go down, and four hours later everything was taken care of – everything was running perfectly and all four suites had their plumbing up and running again.

In the process of that my contractor found a leak that wasn’t Griffin’s fault but looked like it had been leaking for some time, and preceded to tell me after Griffin Plumbing had left. I thought ‘Oh, great”, and I gave them a call and Chico immediately came back (it was late Saturday), he came back and went down and fixed that leak that Griffin had nothing to do with (it was our fault), and it didn’t mater he came out and did it for me and I really appreciated that. It’s an older building that I’m working with, I have a lot of plumbing problems and if I can’t fix it I always call Griffin Plumbing because they’re ‘5 Stars’. They’re always here on time, very professional, I would recommend them.”   – Tim P.

Thank you Tim, for your kind words and for your many years of partnership. It’s customers like you who inspire us to give our very best to the people we serve each and every day!

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