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Here at Griffin Plumbing we are grateful beyond words for the customers who turn to us for their home and business plumbing needs – especially those who share their Griffin Plumbing reviews and experiences with others. Irvin Kiger from Klondike Pizza of Santa Maria is one of those treasured customers, and we are delighted that he chose to tell his story through this video. Here’s what he had to say:

“Klondike pizza opened up in March of 1996 here in Santa Maria. We had absolutely no idea who we were gonna use as our plumber. So, we asked the owners of the shopping center who they recommended and whom they used and they told us it was Ray Zierman who was Jeremy’s uncle. Jeremy was working for Ray at the time and a few years later Jeremy bought the business from his uncle.

We’ve had a relationship with Jeremy for over 19 years, and during that time they have been an excellent plumber as far as we are concerned. They’ve come out promptly whenever they can. They’ll come up after hours. There’s no problem with them coming and servicing the needs that we have.

Case in point, about a year and half ago, it was actually in December 2012 we had a problem with some drainage in our restaurant. And so Jeremy brought his TV cameras that he puts down the lines to find out what our problem was. And we had about 6 feet of pipe that had collapsed over the years. And so consequently that was what our problem was. He came and he had his crews come in the middle of the night. They worked and they’d start at about 10 at night and they’d work till about 6 in the morning and over a process of about 3 days we got that pipe replaced, everything was fine and they put the tile back on the floor. We had no problem. So it allowed us to stay open during the daytime working hours.

The process of how Jeremy hires his employees is just very very good. He just doesn’t hire any plumber that he possibly can. He has a long process and so consequently the technicians we have dealt with have been excellent. A star rating that I would give Jeremy would be a 5 – 5 being the highest that you possibly can. We’ve been with him for over 19 years, we have absolutely no qualms about any business he does. And we’re not going to change plumbers in the near future.”   – Irvin Kiger

Thank you Irvin for your kind feedback, for choosing Griffin Plumbing year after year, and for being a sincere pleasure to work with. It’s customers like you who inspire us to give our very best to the people we serve each and every day!

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