Good Shower Habits That Can Save Your Plumbing

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 The shower is where many of us find sanitation, solitude, and a nice steamy start or end to long days. You might not give yours much attention, but you’d sure miss it if it wasn’t there to welcome you. How can you keep your shower’s plumbing functional and fantastic? Let’s ask your Paso Robles plumbers!

 Watch the Hair!

 Hair is the most common cause of slow-downs and clogs in tub and shower drains. You can minimize the collection of hair by minimizing loose hair with a good hair brushing before getting into the shower, installing hair catchers at the drain, and doing occasional maintenance before you notice a problem. If your drain opening has a stopper, pull it out regularly and remove any hair that’s wrapped around it. Consider using one of the barbed plastic or nylon “drain zipper” type tools to reach through the drain opening and pull up any nearby spare hair.  

 Stop the Drips!

 Dripping fixtures don’t just waste water, they can also lead to mineral buildup, discoloration, mold or mildew, and deterioration of the surfaces where drips land. Drips can also indicate problems with your water pressure or faulty fixtures, which could become worse and lead to bigger problems. If you hear or see dripping, take care of it right away!

 Clear the Clogs!

 Nobody wants to stand in cooling soapy water, so clog prevention is always the goal. Be sure to address any slow-downs as soon as you notice them. Not only will you appreciate the swift flow, but you can avoid bigger problems. Drains are designed to carry moving water, not hold a full load for long periods of time. Inferior plumbing can show all of its faults when there’s a clog. A plumber’s snake or plunger are the best ways to address the problem since harsh chemical drain cleaners can cause problems of their own.

 Prevent the Buildup!

 Hard water deposits are unsightly. Left unaddressed, they can also slow water flow in fixtures and destroy finishes with buildup and pitting. A quick spray or wipe with white vinegar on a soft cloth is a simple way to keep buildup down on finishes. Be sure to finish by wiping with a clean cloth. For buildup in showerheads, putting vinegar in a plastic bag and using a twist tie to hold it around the showerhead for a while will help dissolve and loosen mineral deposits. Be sure to clean the vinegar off and run some clear water through when you’re done. If the buildup gets really bad, gently remove the showerhead and soak it for a while before reinstalling it properly.

 The next time you step into your shower, spend a few seconds giving it a quick once-over to see if anything needs your attention. If you spot a potential problem or something beyond your skill level, be sure to reach out to Griffin Plumbing. Our technicians are always ready to help you out of hot water. Or back into it. Ahhhh. Contact us online, or call (805) 934-1939 to schedule your appointment.

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