2022 Kitchen Design Trends


The kitchen is where it all happens in most households. Cooking, sharing meals together, entertaining… it’s even where the home office is located in some households. Designs are following suit, considering how much time we’re spending in the kitchen these days and what we’re using the space for. With that in mind, our Paso Robles plumbers have put together a list of the hot kitchen design trends for 2022.

1. Keep it to a Minimum

Minimalism is a hot design trend not just for kitchens but for pretty much the entire home. Keeping rooms tidy and functional makes the most sense in the kitchen. Clean lines that incorporate appliances, sink and faucet, cabinets, and other design aspects – think no knobs and continuous, smooth surfaces – is what we’ll be seeing more of in 2022.

Also, going cordless, smart and app-controlled on all of our appliances feeds into this trend, as well, as tech continues to infiltrate every level of living.

2. Bold Colors

This is always a risk as you don’t want to be painting over that bold hunter green you went all-in on after it goes out of style in a year or two. But we’re seeing more kitchens go bold – and not just as accents – and we don’t see that trend going anywhere anytime soon.

Look for bolder, brighter colors on everything from the cabinets to the kitchen sink. When it comes to selecting a color, it’s all about personal preferences – of course, greens, blues and earth tones are already well established in kitchen designs.

3. Mixed-use and Storage Spaces

The mixed-use room has not only become a trend but a necessity since we’ve been staying home more these past two years. If entertaining is your thing, consider a bar area or island that allows people to gather around. If your kitchen doubles as a home office, you might want to fit a desk into a corner nook or add cabinets to get your laptop and papers off the table at the end of the workday.

However you decide to utilize the space, storage is key in mixed-use rooms, so adding cabinets or an island will be worth the investment to eliminate clutter. And don’t forget about your furry friend! If your dog eats in the kitchen, as well, consider an integrated food station to maintain your minimalist trend.

4. Natural Materials

Along the lines of the bold-color trend, bland and sterile materials are out. Natural materials like stone, cement and wood can make the perfect statement without being too in your face. Consider cement or quiet stone countertops with little grain or veining.

Going with wood cabinets like walnut or oak lends well to neutral yet distinctive color palettes. This is far from the 90s carved-wood trend; today’s style is flat front and minimalist.

5. Natural Light

If you’re undergoing an extensive remodel, don’t forget about natural light. Take advantage of the California sunshine and add expansive windows along the counter space or extra-large skylights over the island or stove.

Let the natural light highlight the natural grains and clean lines of your new, modern kitchen.

So, if you’re considering a remodel, keeping in mind the kitchen design trends of 2022 will give you a space that’s relevant for years to come. For more tips, our Paso Robles plumbers are always a call or click away.

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