Paso Robles Plumbing: Are Tree Roots Disrupting Your Sewer Line?

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Tree roots are a common cause of serious plumbing problems, especially among older homes. As roots grow into sewer pipes they block the system and ultimately lead to broken pipes and costly repairs. Today our Paso Robles plumbing pros are sharing the information you need to know to protect your home.

Tree roots grow inside sewer pipes for good reason

As warm water flows inside your sewer pipes, vapor can actually escape into the soil around them through a crack in the pipes or a loose joint. Since tree roots can grow extremely long distances underground in search of water and other nutrients, they’re attracted to this vapor and will grow toward it. Once the roots reach the area of escaped vapor, they will begin to grow into the crack or loose joint attempting to reach more nutrients inside. If left alone, these tree roots will continue growing within your pipes, filling them with roots that eventually catch toilet paper, oil, grease, fats, grit, and any other debris that is sent through your sewer system. This leads to serious blockages and ultimately structural damage to your sewer pipes.

What you need to know:
  • Tree root systems consist of large, permanent roots for support and stabilization, and many smaller feeder root and root hairs. The feeder roots reach for water and absorb nutrients for the tree.
  • Roots are often found in the top 6 to 18 inches of soil because that’s where water, oxygen, and nutrients thrive.
  • Roots can reach as far down as seven times the height of the tree. Older trees may have thousands of feet of root system in search for nutrients to absorb.
  • During a drought, roots will travel extreme distances in search of moisture.
The most common warning sign:

Be sure to watch out for slowly flowing drains. Slow flowing drains commonly indicate that tree roots have grown into your sewer pipes. If you’re not sure where to check, try the toilet bowl. When pipes begin to become blocked, the toilet will actually emit a gurgling sound, so do your best to listen up.

Here’s how you can prevent blockages and collapsed pipes

If tree roots have started to infiltrate your pipes, call the best professional plumbers in Paso fast, because the next stage of growth can cause serious blockages and even collapse pipes which adds up to costly damages and repairs.

Here’s what NOT to do.

While powerful chemicals might help to kill the actual root, this is only a temporary fix that could end up hurting your pipes way more than helping them.

Go Trenchless!

Are you experience slow drains in your home? Call Griffin’s Paso Robles plumbing experts can diagnose the issue and resolve it fast without tearing up your beautiful home landscaping! That’s right, digging up your home is senseless. Trenchless sewer repair is the BEST option. It works without having to tear up your lawn or lush landscaping. No mess. No stress.

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