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Your Pismo Beach plumbers have good news for you – it’s 2018. The future is here, and hand-washing dishes is officially a practice of the past! Rinsing food off plates before loading may make you feel like the dishes are going to get cleaner, but the truth is modern dishwashers do a better job while saving you money because they’re more water efficient! Today Griffin Plumbing is sharing 5 convenient reasons you shouldn’t be hand washing your dishes:

Hand washing doesn’t make dishes any cleaner.

Even when you’re ready to rock and roll with rubber gloves and the kitchen sink turned as hot as it can go…your water temperature won’t reach the scalding 145 degrees Fahrenheit necessary to effectively kill germs. Residential water heaters aren’t set that high for good reason – the level of heat can harm your hands.

Sponges are super icky.

Sponges aren’t only gross – they can carry hazardous food-borne illnesses, bacteria, and cold and flu germs. Recent studies have found that every square inch of your dish sponge contains over 10 million bacteria. In case you were wondering, that’s even more than a toilet seat – yuck! The risk really isn’t worth it.

Energy-efficient dishwashers save money on utility bills

Modern dishwashers are quieter than ever before and don’t utilize nearly as much energy as past models. Energy-Star certified appliances are especially efficient. Depending on the age of your existing model with that of Energy-Star certified dishwashers, your family could save between $35 and $50 a month which makes sense because…

Hand-washing dishes wastes water.

Unless you happen to be actively rinsing, the ongoing stream of water emanating from the sink faucet mostly goes unused. According to Jonah Schein of the EPA’s WaterSense program, in order to wash the same volume of dishes that can fit into a single load of an energy efficient dishwasher and use less water, a hand washer would need to be able to clean eight full place settings and still limit the total amount of time the faucet was running to less than two minutes. Even the speediest of human hands would have trouble keeping up with that rate!

Save valuable time.

Lastly, beyond saving valuable money and resources, hand-washing dishes is a time consuming chore that takes away from your life! When you let go of this chore, you’ll have more time to spend with the people you love, and can kiss those rubber gloves goodbye!

There you have it, the top five reasons machines win this round. Griffin’s Pismo Beach plumbers are dedicated to continually enhance the lives of our Pismo Beach plumbing clients by going above and beyond their expectations. Our Pismo Beach plumbing experts utilize the proven practices of our trade, combined with the latest tools and technology to ensure we get the job done right – every time. Call us to schedule an appointment 24-7 at (805) 934-1949 or try our online scheduler.

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