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Many plumbing problems demand professional experience and specialized tools to resolve, and at Griffin Plumbing our Pismo plumbers are up for any challenge. We encourage you not to make a plumbing problem worse by trying to tackle it yourself! Even with the best of intentions, you may unintentionally make matters worse and could wind up paying more than you would have if you had just gone to a technician from the get-go. If and when the plumbing issues below pop up in your home – call Griffin Plumbing right away!


Sewer repair is no fun to try on your own. Things can easily go wrong without the right know-how or proper equipment. What may initially appear to be a simple leak could turn out to be caused by a bigger problem like a blockage deep within the system. Call Griffin’s Pismo local plumbers so the root of the problem gets fixed, not just symptoms that will continue to cause more problems down the line. Know that if you don’t call a professional with your sewer repair problem, you may end up paying much more in the future.


Plumbing is generally sensitive – a pipe system is only as strong as the weakest link. Without the correct tools to ensure the work is done properly the damage will only get worse. Plus, with gas pipes you may not notice there’s a problem until it’s too late. Don’t wait – call Griffin’s Pismo plumbers!


If a major leak is causing you a major headache, it’s likely that other parts of the system are also in a similar state of wear and tear, and could be close to collapse. Good think Griffin’s Pismo plumbers know what to do. They’ll not only deal with the immediate problem, but will take the time to check on the rest of your plumbing to prevent future failures. If your pipe is spraying water, turn off the main supply and call Griffin Plumbing immediately. Fixing a serious leak is harder than it looks and could be indicative of a more widespread problem.


Working on a water heater is potentially hazardous because there is water, electricity and gas or oil involved (depending on whether your unit is electric or gas). Prevent electrocution and fire in your home by contacting a Pismo plumber instead. One mistake is all it takes for life-changing consequences. The risk simply isn’t worth it.


Installing a bathtub or toilet on your own is no easy task. It takes a Pismo plumber! If either are not properly connected, your home will suffer leaks and severe water damage. If this task is part of a larger remodeling project – it may also require plumbing permits, which Griffin Plumbing can take care of in no time flat.


Working with natural gas is no joke. Needless to say natural gas is a dangerous explosive. Those who attempt to use pipes, fittings, or thread compounds not rated for natural gas put themselves at unnecessary risk. Gas line connections MUST be properly tightened and tested for leaks. When it comes to any repairs related to gas-fueled hot water heaters or furnaces, leave it to the professional plumbers at Griffin Plumbing.


When you’re faced with a clog it’s tempting to try to tackle the situation on your own, but be cautioned, you could be causing more damage when you attempt to unclog it. If your clog requires a snake – call the Pismo plumbers at Griffin Plumbing. While snakes themselves are effective at clearing tough clogs, if you don’t know how to use it, you will inevitably cause pipe damage including scratches and cracks that lead to leaks. Plus – when using the snake there is the possibility that it could recoil and that’s no good for you or your bathroom. On the aesthetic side, if you don’t have the proper experience using a snake, you could scrape the toilet bowl, which leaves undesirable rust marks.

There you have it – a list of what plumbing problems not to try at home. When any of the plumbing issues above become a problem for you and your family, go ahead and give Griffin Plumbing a call day or night at (805) 934-1949.

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