Pismo Plumbing Repair: What Causes a Leaky Faucet?

Leaky Faucet

Leaky faucets are no fun.

Plumbing leaks not only waste water (10,000 gallons from a single home in one year) but they’re costly too. How much water is that exactly? Just imagine a backyard swimming pool! If left in disrepair, leaky faucets will lead to more costly repairs down the road. Not to mention the annoying sound of a leaky kitchen sink or bathtub faucet can keep you up at night. No one wants that. The good news is, the Pismo faucet repair experts at Griffin can fix a leaky faucet fast, and save you money on your water bill in the process. So, why do faucets leak in the first place? Our Pismo plumbing pros have the answers.


A steady drip is a sign that the washer inside the tap needs to be replaced. A worn out washer is the most common culprit when it comes to leaky faucets. That’s because in each use, the washer is forced against the valve seat, which causes constant friction. As a result of the washer wearing out, dripping starts and won’t stop ‘til you call Griffin Plumbing to come out and replace it.


The cartridge faucet may also be at fault and need to be replaced. No need to worry – Griffin’s Pismo plumbing professionals have got the specific replacement cartridge you need!


Built-up water sediments can corrode your inlet and outlet seals. Seals inside compression faucets are especially vulnerable because they’re under pressure to keep water from flowing.

Griffin Plumbing technicians have the right tools to clean the water sediments from the seals to ensure your faucet works properly. If need be, they’ll even replace the seals for you.


If the leak is coming from the pipes underneath the sink, the cause is most likely a broken pipe or fitting. That’s when you know it’s time to call the faucet repair pros at Griffin Plumbing. Leaks can develop cracks, which leads to problematic water pressure and more serious pesky plumbing problems as time goes by.


A stem screw is used to hold the handle of a faucet in place. This stem screw comprises of a small disc attached to it, known as the O-ring. This is an integral point wherein dripping can occur. The O-ring can become loose or wear out over regular usage, causing the faucet to drip near the handle. Replacing the damaged O-ring can fix the dripping faucet, if this is the issue. This problem occurs specifically in cartridge faucets.


A valve seat serves as a connection between the faucet and the spout in compression mechanism. Accumulation of water sediments can cause the valve seat to corrode, causing leakage around the spout area. Make sure that you clean the valve seat regularly, with the help of a professional plumber. If the leak appears to be originating from the spout, it could be an issue with the valve seat, which connects the faucet and the spout. A buildup of water sediments can corrode the valve seat, causing a leak. You can avoid this by regularly cleaning the valve seat, generally with the help of a pro.


Over time, the adjusting ring and packing nuts in the steam screw can get loose. This will cause a leak to occur in the faucet handle. Our Pismo plumbers can tighten the packing nut or completely replace it if necessary.


When you only hear or see a dripping faucet during particular moments during the day, high water pressure may be to blame. Our Pismo plumbing pros know a thing or two about water pressure, and we’re available to help 24-7.


Leaks can be caused by improper installation. If a washer was not installed correctly or is the wrong size, leaks are inevitable! Good thing the residential plumbing pros at Griffin Plumbing know what they’re doing – so you can kiss leaky faucets goodbye.

Remember this, one small leak adds up. One drip per minute from one faucet adds up to nearly 1,500 drips per day and over 35 gallons a year. Griffin Plumbing can fix your leaky problem before it becomes a more serious (and costly!) issue. Call us or visit griffin-plumbing.com/contact/ to schedule an appointment today!

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