Discolored Water Gotcha Down?

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Discolored water gotcha down? Rainbows sure are beautiful, but you don’t necessarily want to see one in your toilet, sink, shower, or streaming out of the faucet! Today we’re decoding what different colors may indicate for your home plumbing:

Milky White

Milky white water is not to be ignored. This kind of cloudy coloring is often caused by mineral particles being finely divided in the water due to pipe damage. If not treated by a professional plumber, this issue could permanently stain your sink.

Blue or Green Water

Blue or green colored water can be a result of copper in the water supply. Does your home rely on well water? Be aware that this issue is compounded by hard water because copper mixing with hard water creates more problematic (and colorful) build up, so inside of white scaly gunk…be on the lookout for blue or green tinted gunk. Call the best plumbers in Nipomo immediately if you start to notice blue/green water because copper can cause serious health problems from vomiting to diarrhea. Nobody wants that!

If water is more on the green-ish side, you may be facing is an algae growth issue. Not to fear. A Griffin Plumber will be able to diagnose the problem and resolve it straight away!

Yellow, Orange, Red, or Brown

Yikes! The colors yellow, orange, red, or brown typically indicates an iron or rust issue. Iron can stain your clothes, sinks, and showers…so don’t wait to call a professional Nipomo plumber to resolve this pesky plumbing problem. Not to mention, iron can cause food to taste strange (and look funny!) with a metallic tinge that may be linked to health hazards.


Unfortunately, black water typically means there’s a mold problem or sewer backup. Mold can cause coughing, skin irritation and more. It’s no good and demands urgent attention. Call Griffin’s Nipomo plumbers to help the moment you see black water in your home plumbing.

To prevent discolored water, consider having your pipes replaced with a non-rusting metal, like copper, or with flexible non-corrosive piping. Griffin’s professional plumbers can help.

Our Nipomo plumbing experts clean pipes, replace and repair parts, and will ensure your water is clean and clear! Questions or concerns about discolored water in your home or business? Contact the best plumbers in Nipomo today at (805) 751-7206 .

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