Nipomo Plumbers: Water Saving Tips

Nipomo Plumbing Water Saving Tips

On average, toilets use nearly 30% of your household water use. Reducing the amount of water your toilet takes up is easier than you think – just call Griffin’s Nipomo plumbers!

How old is your toilet? In the mid-90s, low-volume toilets were introduced to conserve water, using only 1.6 gallons of water with every flush. Older models use more than 3 gallons per flush! That’s a big difference. Our Nipomo plumbers can replace your outdated toilet for a low-volume model today.

A leaky toilet is a silent problem that may be costing you water and wasting about 200 gallons of water every single day. Our Nipomo plumbers can inspect your toilet and if necessary install a new toilet flapper and fill valve to ensure your toilet runs efficiently and saves you money on your water bill.

The best plumbers in Nipomo also advise avoiding flushing the toilet unnecessarily. That means disposing of tissues and other waste in the trash as opposed to flushing it down the toilet.


According to Nipomo local plumbers, reducing your shower time will definitely save water but isn’t realistic for everyone. A 10-minute shower with a low-flow showerhead can conserve 15 gallons of water. If you prefer a long, luxurious shower you can still save money by replacing your old showerhead with a model to save up to 7.5 gallons of water per minute without losing any high water pressure.


Use the minimum amount of water needed for a bath by closing the drain first and filling the tub only one-third full. The initial burst of cold water will be warmed by the hot water as the tub fills.


Simply turn off the water when you shave, wash your face, or brush your teeth!


Save water by only running the dishwasher when you have a full load of dishes. You could also consider upgrading an older dishwasher with a more water-efficient option.


Kitchen sink disposals demand quite a bit of water to operate properly. Instead, start a compost pile. Griffin’s Nipomo plumbers know that every little bit helps.


Instead of using running water to thaw frozen foods, try using the defrost setting on your microwave, or simply defrost them overnight in the refrigerator.


Similar to dishwashers, it makes sense to only run the washer when you have a full load. You can also save water (and moola!) by selecting the minimum amount of water required per load. If that isn’t an option on your model, use the shortest wash cycle available. It’s good to know that normal and permanent press wash cycles actually use more water than other settings. Today the most energy-efficient washers out there use an average of 27 gallons of water per load – that’s way better than older models which can use up to 56 gallons of water with every load. If you want to get really green, our Nipomo plumbers also recommend using biodegradable detergents and soaps.


Make it a practice to periodically check your hose for leaks. A leaky garden hose can waste as much as 600 gallons of water an hour!

If you need to clear debris like fallen leaves from your patio or driveway, reach for a broom instead of the hose. Small changes like these sure add up fast.


Want to save water and fertilizer? Go ahead and leave short grass clippings where they fall to reduce your lawn’s need for both.

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