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New year, new remodel! Now is a fantastic time to upgrade your home. Griffin plumbers are here to turn your Pinterest-fueled dream kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room into a luxurious reality. From new fixtures to energy-efficient appliances that save money on your monthly bill – Griffin’s Nipomo local plumbers are available to assist you and your family. How?

1. Planning Ahead

Before moving forward, it’s smart to start with a plan. Griffin’s Nipomo plumbers have the tools and experience to set up your home remodel project for success. We can provide guidance and recommendations on the best places for appliances, and warn homeowners about those pesky spots to avoid because they’ll be problematic to your home plumbing system.

2. Installing Appliances

From sinks and dishwashers to brand new washing machines, Griffin plumbers can relocate appliances or install brand new appliances exactly where you envision them. Sinks will need access to hot and cold water from faucets and a waste-pipe, as do dishwashers. You’ll notice sinks and dishwashers are often installed next to each other because the water supply and waste-pipe access are extended from both. Recently, farmhouse sinks have been a popular request, along with stainless steel garbage disposals and soap dispensers.

3. Rerouting Plumbing & Gas Pipes

Once you’ve decided to move appliances to a new location in your space, plumbing must be addressed. Drain lines, water supply, and gas pipes may all need to be rerouted by professional Nipomo plumbing services. Griffin Plumbing’s friendly experts can help you find the best options for you and your family. Getting a professional plumber involved in rerouting your plumbing and gas pipes from the start of your remodel project not only save you time and money, but provide peace of mind throughout the process.

Ensure a smooth and successful home remodel (and prevent costly plumbing mistakes!) by hiring a professional Nipomo plumber from the get-go of your remodel project. You can contact our friendly professional plumbers 24/7 at (805) 751-7206 or simply make an appointment online.

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