Nipomo Plumbers Share How to Prevent Summer Plumbing Problems

Nipomo Plumbers and Summer Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems gotcha down? Summer sun may be to blame. The good news is your Nipomo plumbers can help your family or business beat the heat with knowledge you need to know to prevent common summer plumbing problems:

UV Rays

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage exposed pipes. The most effective way to prevent this is to keep all plumbing properly insulated with protection from Griffin Plumbing.

High Heat

Rising temperatures often lead to lower water pressure and make your garbage disposal more likely to get clogged. High heat can also cause plumbing leaks (or in extreme cases cause pipes to burst), similarly to the effect of cold and freezing temperatures.

Ground Settling

The ground getting dry can cause it to settle and compact, disturbing the foundation of your home. Ground settling often causes plumbing to shift and result in leaks, particularly where the water main is located. These types of leaks can be costly to repair if not diagnosed early.
You should know that the same summer plumbing problem can occur to residential or commercial sewer pipes once the ground settles due to dry summer heat. If you have a septic system, please be aware that ground settling may cause your pipes to develop a low spot (or ‘belly’) in the pipe that will slow-down and eventually back up the septic system.

Lightening Strikes

Summer storms could negatively impact your plumbing in part due to lightening. Before lightening strikes, determine if you have copper plumbing and your electric supply is grounded to your plumbing. If you do, lightening striking near your home could lead to plumbing leaks. How? Lightening sends electricity through the ground. If that electricity hits your copper pipes it will continue to flow until it meets a plastic line or other obstacle. When that occurs, it causes a tiny lightening strike inside the pipe. What happens is the electric charge moving from the metal pipe to the water inside will leave a hole and instantly leak. Lightening may also damage the seals that hold pipes and fixtures together.

Summer Entertaining

Summertime fun often includes pool parties and family barbecues, but more entertaining also equals added stress on your plumbing and sewer system, increasing the odds of a clog. Schedule regular plumbing maintenance with the friendly Nipomo plumbers at Griffin Plumbing for proactive solutions to avoid this potentially costly plumbing problem!

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