Do I Need a Water Softener in My Home?

Do I need a water Softener - Water Splash

Most Americans are using hard water in their homes. Even if you don’t know exactly what hard water is, you are probably familiar with the bothersome effects of it. Think: scale buildup on spouts, stains in your sinks and tubs, higher utility bills, dry skin and hair and even more! Today, our plumbers in Oceano are here to give you the basics when it comes to hard water, and help you decide if a water softener is right for you.

Water hardness essentially refers to the concentration of minerals in your water. This is mainly calcium and magnesium, and traces of metals. If your water is heavily concentrated with minerals and metals, it can negatively impact your household and daily activities. If you notice any of the following signs, it may be time to invest in a water softener to purify your pipes.

Scale Buildup

As your water runs through your faucets and shower heads, the minerals in it begin to make deposits over time. This is called scale (or limescale) and it is the reason your spouts form crusts that are difficult to scrub away. Limescale can also form buildup on your coffee pots, tea kettles, glassware and cutlery! The metals in hard water form rust-colored stains in your white toilets, sinks, bathtubs.

Fading Laundry

Similar to scale buildup, hard water can make soap and laundry detergents less effective and can leave a residue on your clothes, fading cotton and linen. It can even cause unpleasant smells in your clothes over time, and cause fabrics to become rough and scratchy.

Appliance Breakdowns

As hard water flows through your pipes, the same limescale you can see on your faucets can deposit in your appliances. This scale buildup causes clogs, which leads to inefficiency and premature aging of your machines. Your utility bills can begin to get higher because your system has to work harder to push water through your pipes.

Dry Skin & Hair

If you notice that your skin is drying out and becoming flaky and itchy, it might be a sign of hard water hurting your skin. The minerals in hard water can build in your pores, causing inflammation. Since soap can’t dissolve properly in hard water, film can form on top of your skin and trap in dirt and bacteria. Yikes!

If you find any of these signs in your home, know that there are solutions to hard water nightmares. Our plumbing pros in Oceano are happy to explain to your your options for water softeners, and answer any questions you have about the quality of your water. Know that at Griffin Plumbing, we are experts when it comes to your pipes, and always provide the right fix the first time. Give one of our friendly plumbers a call today at (805) 751-7206 .


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