Oceano Plumbing: How-to Remove Hard Water Stains

Oceano Plumbing Sink- Hard Water Stains

Hard water stains aren’t pretty – so it’s a good thing Griffin’s Oceano plumbing pros have the surprisingly simple solution to removing them from your home.

Let’s rewind just a bit to clarify:

  • Have you noticed a cloudy film coat your drinking glasses?
  • Do you see weird white spots on your bathroom fixtures?

If you answered, “yes”, the discoloration you’re spotting is likely caused by a buildup of minerals left behind by evaporated water in your home, hard water.

Stubborn hard water spots aren’t pretty. Left unchecked, these hard water deposits can also gunk up some of the most important and heavily utilized spaces in your home, the kitchen and bathroom!

Not to worry, there’s a solution. Removing hard water stains from your toilet, tub, or sink is easier than you might think. We’ll show you why in four simple steps.


Get those gloves on and have a safe householder cleaner handy. Don’t have one? Simply combine equal parts vinegar and water and pour it into an empty spray bottle to quickly get down to business. Spray the water-stained surface at hand. Let the spray sit on the object for a few moments before you start step 2.


Now it’s time to scrub using an old toothbrush! We recommend a toothbrush because its bristles have the power to safely wear away acid-loosened mineral deposits.


Spray on more cleanser, do another round of scrubbing, and that’s it! Your stain should start to disappear right before your eyes, but you’re not done just yet…


Rinse the area with a wet sponge before wiping the area clean with a soft dry cloth. Take time to carefully dry the area off completely, otherwise the spots may return.

Clean Routine

As soon as you’re done using the faucet, wipe away any leftover water. It might take a few times, but soon you’ll have a routine down in no time. Hard water cannot leave a staining deposit if you get rid of it quickly. Keep a cloth near each of the faucets in your house and wipe up excess water.

Spray Away

One a day, take a moment to lightly mist faucets and bathroom or kitchen fixtures with a gentle natural cleaner. While this practice won’t instantly eliminate hard water stains, it will sure make the job easier when you tackle the steps we outlined above.

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