Oceano Plumbers: Why Do I Have Low Water Pressure?


Water pressure is important in Oceano and beyond. It’s something you may not think of often, but actually impacts the quality of everyday living from taking a shower to washing your hands and much more.

If you’ve ever experienced low water pressure in your home, you know it’s not so fun. That’s why our Oceano plumbing experts are sharing more about it in today’s blog!

Here’s a collection of common culprits that may explain why you and your family are faced with low water pressure:

Mineral deposits and dirt

Mineral deposits and dirt may be clogging the aerator screens on your faucet or showerhead. Most modern faucets and showerheads are built with an aerator. Located at the tip of the product, an aerator is an important component because it filters out icky debris, prevents splashing, and even saves water. It’s common for pesky mineral deposits to cause aerator trouble. To combat mineral deposit build up and dirt, take time to periodically clean your aerator screens at home by disassembling them and soaking the aerator in white vinegar for two to three hours or so.

Ancient showerheads

Has it been a decade since you’ve switched out your showerhead for a new model? The truth is that’s just too long to wait. It’s time to invest in a new one. The showerhead experts at Griffin Plumbing can help you choose the perfect model to meet your needs. Replacing your current showerhead with a high-pressure option might very well be right for you.

Look out for leaks!

They’re sneaky and expensive and cause big plumbing problems. If you can’t stand the low water pressure in your Oceano home, it could be caused by a leak or leaks you can’t see. Take a look at your water bills from the past few months. If they’ve gone up significantly, that’s a sign you’ve got a leak on your hands. Leaks are a time sensitive plumbing problem we encourage you to take seriously. Don’t wait to call the professional plumbers at Griffin to assess your home. Our leak detection experts are at your service.

Could it be clogs?

If the valves are both fully open, then clogged pipes are a strong possibility. This generally happens after a while, particularly with galvanized pipes. To determine whether or not that’s your case, contact Griffin Plumbing. We’ll help you assess the Oceano plumbing situation and deliver a lasting solution. It’s best to not try to unclog the pipes on your own because you might inadvertently make the problem worse (we’ve seen it happen). Improper plumbing can also contaminate your water supply, so it’s better not to take any chances when it comes to clogs.

Open sesame

Two shut-off valves control your home’s water flow. One pertains to the water meter and is typically located on the street side. Most of the time, both valves are located on a wall near where the line comes in. The thing is, if either of the two valves is not completely open, this could be the cause of low-water pressure in your home.

Faulty fixtures

Faulty fixtures are often to blame for low water pressure, especially if your showerhead or faucets happen to be on the older side. Here’s why…with age comes clogs. Yep, it’s true. The older your fixtures are, the more likely they are to be clogged by dirt, rust, or limestone. Clogs not only impede the flow of water, but also reduce your water quality. If you need help replacing your plumbing fixtures, the team at Griffin is happy to help.

Pressure regulator failure

Is your Oceano plumbing equipped with a pressure regulator? If so, its failure could very well be the reason you’re experiencing low water pressure in your home. Typical signs of this malfunction are often extreme; either water pressure is too high or simply non-existent. The experienced plumbers at Griffin can determine if your pressure regular is defective and resolve any and all of your plumbing problems.

Corrosion could be the cause…

Corroded plumbing comes with age and is often the cause of low water pressure in older homes. Over the years buildup can corrode inside pipes, particularly galvanized pipes. Depending of the age of your place, you may want to consider replacing the plumbing to prevent more costly water damage down the road. While it’s an investment to do this, it may actually save you time, money, and headaches down the road. If you spot trouble, it’s best not to wait. Call the best plumbers in Oceano right away.

To recap, low or inadequate water pressure can be caused by many different factors. While some are easy to identify, others hide out of plain sight! If you’re experiencing low water pressure in your own home, don’t spend another day suffering through a slow shower trickle. Call the Oceano plumbing pros at Griffin now at (805) 934-1949.


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