Oceano Plumbing: Why Does Grout Crack?

Oceano Plumbing Why Grout Cracks

Today Griffin’s Oceano plumbing professionals are exploring an important detail you might not think too much about in your home until it cracks, and that’s grout. Grout ages, and in time it won’t look as clean and sharp as it should across your home! Cracks start to develop for specific reasons, and that’s why we’re trying to prevent. Below you’ll find the two most common culprits that cause grout to crack, along with how to repair a few isolated cracks yourself!


Is the grout cracking primarily in the joints? Is so, movement between two surfaces is likely to blame. Movement can be caused by humidity, temperature, or your home’s foundation settling.

Improper Installation

Completing bathroom and kitchen tile projects correctly is key to preventing cracks. If too little adhesive is used when installing the tile, tiles will pull from where they belong. At that point the grout will struggle to hold it in place, and the stress of doing so will create cracks. Another common installation error is too much water. When grout is mixed with additives or too much water, air pockets appear after the grout has dried. Air pockets make for weak grout, which causes cracks.

The Good News

If you’re facing a few minor cracks, you can actually repair them yourself! Start by removing the old grout from the isolated area. Most likely, it’s crumbling and won’t be too much trouble to remove. Vacuum up any bits that might be left before you begin the next step, which is to apply the replacement caulk. We recommend silicon caulk because it’s flexible, and most are mildew-proof which is ideal for wet environments. Keep in mind that you’ll want to choose a caulk color that blends in with your existing grout too.

If your grout cracks are more extensive, call Griffin Plumbing at (805) n934-1949 today to discuss your kitchen or bathroom remodel options! Replacing grout and tile damage is a good time to consider other updates, or even a completely new look. Our friendly Oceano plumbing experts are available to help add value to your home.

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