How Your Plumbing System Can Help You Save Water

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Our Oceano plumbers hate to break it to you—but you’re wasting water in your home! Whether it’s through outdated appliances or bad habits, a few drops can add up fast and cost you (and the environment) a lot. Our friendly plumbing pros are here to give you some simple ways to save water this season.

Lighten up on Landscaping

With Fall just around the corner, the weather on the Central Coast will cool down significantly. With foggier days and a little more rain (fingers crossed!), your garden and grass won’t need as much water. Turn your sprinklers off until next summer, and lighten up on the water hose. If you don’t already, only water your plant pals in the morning and at night so water isn’t wasted due to evaporation.

Insulate Your Pipes

Are you stuck waiting around for your shower water to heat up? Not only is it inconvenient, it’s extremely wasteful! Insulating your hot water pipes is a great way to reduce heat loss, and can add 2-4 degrees to the actual temperature of household water. This allows you to lower your home’s water temperature, saving energy and a few bucks too. It also reduces your time waiting for hot water! Insulating your pipes is an easy upgrade. Our local plumbers would be happy to go over the details with you.

Check for Drips

It’s time to take care of that leaky bathroom faucet that’s been bothering you. Those drips aren’t just annoying, they are throwing hundreds of gallons of water down the drain every year! That’s hundreds of dollars of wasted water, right out of your pocket. Give your home a tune up and tighten faucets, and check for any signs of leaks. Puddles of water near appliances are a red flag for damage, so avoid a potential nightmare and reach out to our local Oceano plumbers ASAP!

Replace Old Fixtures

Although this is the message most folks aren’t excited to hear, your rusty old washing machine is costing you more than just a few poorly washed clothes: it’s wasting water and electricity! If you don’t know the age of your major water guzzling appliances like your washer and toilet, give them a check. Dramatic eco-friendly innovations have been made within the last ten years, and although buying new appliances is a big upfront cost, it’ll save you in the long run. If you don’t want to buy a new appliance, there are great options for used energy efficient appliances. Our plumbers would be happy to chat with you about your choices!

Build New Habits

At the end of the day, a rusty water guzzling fixture won’t waste as much water as a human with a few bad habits. It’s time to tighten down on the little things: stop leaving the water running while you’re brushing your teeth, shorten your shower time. A little mindfulness here and there can make a huge difference in your resource use. This saves you money, and helps out our environment too.


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