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Grover Beach Healthy Plumbing Tips

At Griffin, our Grover Beach local plumbers understand how important it is to keep your family safe and healthy. We want you to feel confident in knowing your home’s plumbing system is performing as it should. From outdated faucets to water leaks, we’re sharing the four unexpected plumbing problems that may lead to potential health hazards.

1. Outdated Faucets

Do you live in an older home? Unfortunately, charming older homes often have outdated plumbing and fixtures than may deposit lead into your water. That’s not good. We want the water you drink, shower in, and cook with to be clean and clear of any hazardous lead. Even small amounts of lead are toxic and can accumulate in the body.

Good thing you know the Grover Beach plumbers to fix your outdated faucets for you. There are countless safe, energy-efficient faucets to choose from that will compliment the look and feel of your home. Let us help us ensure your home plumbing is safe to keep your family free from dangerous lead exposure.

2. Clogged Drains

Is your shower taking longer to drain than normal? How about the kitchen sink? If so, you might be facing a clogged drain. Clogged drains are a bummer because they can breed mildew, mold, bacteria, and other pathogens that cause respiratory issues and even infections – ewww! While you can often clean up the mess that a clogged drain leaves behind, addressing the root of the problem isn’t always as easy…

Maintaining clean and safe drains is an ongoing task, which is why the best plumbers in Grover Beach offer a preventative maintenance plan to meet your needs. Check it out!

Keep traps in place to prevent hair, food scraps, and other large items from blocking the drain in the first place. To lower your exposure to dangerous pathogens, we also recommend cleaning drain plugs weekly and running bathroom and kitchen vents to decrease excess humidity.

3. Water Heaters Woes

Hot water. Your family relies on it every day of the week. That means water heaters work hard over the years. When they start to develop issues, this can cause health problems. For example, over time, the interior of water tanks may rust, which causes sediment buildup and low water pressure. In some cases, rust can enter your home’s water supply. That’s not good!

If you notice signs of low water pressure or spot rust-colored water, contact our team immediately. Our Grover Beach water heater repair pros will repair or replace your troublesome water heater right the first time.

4. Water Leaks

You may not know it, but leaks are more than an inconvenience, they can also cause a whole slew of serious respiratory issues. So, next time your home plumbing system springs a leak in the kitchen, bathroom, or beyond – be sure to call Griffin’s Grover Beach plumbing experts straight away. Here’s why…

Leaks can drip and pool under floors, inside walls, and above ceilings. The excess moisture quickly becomes a place where bacteria and mold grows fast. When this icky stuff goes airborne, it can cause breathing problems, allergies, and even asthma attacks. That’s not to mention the structural damage. Leaks will wreck havoc on your home. Don’t wait to get them fixed or costs will add up fast on top of the health hazard!

Concerned that your home’s plumbing system might be making your family sick? Don’t put off plumbing repairs any longer. Call the best plumbers in Grover Beach today at (805) 934-1949.

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