Grover Beach Plumbing: Spring Into Action

Grover Beach Spring into Action

Griffin’s Grover Beach plumbing repair pros are sharing the inside scoop on preventative plumbing maintenance to ensure your home gets the most out of spring cleaning this year. Invest in the health of your home by reading our top five tips!

1. Turn down your water heater temperature

As winter comes to a close, temperatures continue to climb. As the weather heats up, remember to turn the temperature of your home water heater down. Griffin Plumbing can help you drain the sediment to keep it functioning smoothly as well.

2. Check for leaky pipes

One way to check for plumbing leaks in your home is to conduct a surefire test. First, turn off all the faucets. Then, check the reading on your water meter. Wait one hour before checking the water meter once more. If the reading on your water meter changed at all, that’s a sign you’ve got a plumbing leak on your hands. Not to fear! Call the best plumbers in Grover Beach to clean out your drains at (805) 934-1949.

3. Test your outdoor plumbing

Head into the great outdoors! Scope out your sprinklers and take a gander at your garden hoses. Survey your exterior water faucets. Run them for several seconds before turning them off and checking for leaks. Spot one? You know exactly who to call – the best plumbers in Grover Beach!

4. Clean drainage and gutters

This one isn’t much fun but it must be done.

5. Remove water and mineral stains from your plumbing fixtures

Who doesn’t want glistening faucets and shiny shower-heads? This chore is instantly rewarding because you get to see the impact right away! Here’s how it’s done. First, fill a plastic sandwich bag with vinegar and attach the bag to your shower-head using a rubber band. Go ahead and leave the bag on for about an hour before removing. At that point, take a scrub brush and go to town washing away those stubborn hard water stains. It works like a charm!

We hope our Grover Beach plumbing tips help you spring ahead (see what we did there?). Know that our trusted team is available day or night to solve even the toughest plumbing problems. Did you know a 2-year warranty comes standard with all our repairs as well? That’s because your peace of mind matters. Plus, clients are always covered under our “happy today or you don’t pay” guarantee. Call (805) 934-1949 to learn more today!

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