Grover Beach Plumbing: Washing Machine Warnings!

Washing machine warnings

If you want your washing machine to last, the best plumbers in Grover Beach have the advice you need to heed, starting with what NOT to put in your washing machine:

Zippers, Hooks, and Underwire

These tricky items can and will trip up your washing machine by getting caught in the drum and scratching the door. Think zip-up hoodies, bras, and jeans. If you must put clothing with zippers in the laundry, the trick is to invest in a mesh laundry bag to safely stick those items inside. Or at least pull the zipper tabs up all the way before you wash.


Prior to throwing your jeans in the wash, be sure to check all your pockets and empty any change. Consider keeping a jar in your laundry room to deposit your money and watch it add up! It’s important to make this a habit because as coins (or any metal objects) spin around your machine, they band into the washer drum and can cause real damage from tears in your favorite clothing to pesky laundry leaks.


Let’s talk laundry myths. More detergent does not increase your clean. In fact if you use more than the recommended amount of laundry soap, your clothing will not only feel murky, but you’ll seriously damage your washing machine’s control panel.

Way Too Many Clothes

Stuffing way too many clothes into your washing machine is a common practice among many homeowners and you need to know that it can actually cause costly plumbing problems. That’s because your washing machine is specifically designed to handle so many clothes. Next time you load your washing machine, be mindful of how much you’re putting in there. If you overfill your washing machine, you’ll unfortunately cause damage to both the suspension and bearings. If you’re unsure what’s safe and what’s not, consult how many pounds your machine can handle online or in your model’s manual.

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