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Griffin’s Grover Beach plumbers want you to know that just because there’s an online guide to fixing a major plumbing problem available doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to attempt yourself! The truth is there are some projects best left to the professionals! Take a look our handy list below to learn which major plumbing projects to avoid attempting to fix yourself – it may save you a serious headache and hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars down the line.

1. Leaks -Especially Roof Leaks

If you notice some water dripping from your ceiling, don’t push it aside or simply throw duct tape over the leak. Why? Water will slowly build up, hidden behind the walls, and may even lead to something as serious as a ceiling collapse. Plus, mold and mildew could start to grow, which is dangerous due to negative health effects.

This can be incredibly costly, damaging to your property, and even life threatening. Why risk all of this when you could just hire a Grover Beach plumber to fix it for you?

2. Installing A Water Heater

So you’ve bought an expensive water heater but want to try to save money by installing it yourself. Beware – that’s a bad idea!

Water heaters are an important part of your home and you definitely don’t want them to be constantly malfunctioning, which is a real possibility if it’s installed incorrectly. Even worse, if not hooked up properly, there could be disastrous Carbon Monoxide leaks. Gas leaks could also increase the risk of fire, or even explosions in the worst cases. Call Griffin Plumbing instead! Our Grover Beach plumbing experts know how to properly install water heaters the first time.

3. Installing A dishwasher

Think installing a dishwasher looks simple? Not so fast…if you try to install a dishwasher yourself, you could connect something wrong that might lead to a major leak. Think twice before attempting to install a dishwasher yourself. Griffin’s Grover Beach plumbers have the tools and expertise necessary to tackle the job.

4. Fixing A Blocked Drain

If you try to fix a blocked drain yourself, you could actually end up doing more damage to the drains and pipes. Like we’ve shared previously, chemical drain cleaners are often too harsh and may damage your plumbing. Something you think you’ve fixed could wind up just masking the problem and ultimately making it worse.

5. The Unknown

Don’t DIY anything you’re unsure about, ever. Unfortunately, you’ll most likely make the plumbing problem significantly worse. When in doubt, call the professionals!

Tackling home DIY can be fun, but when it comes to plumbing – don’t roll the dice! It’s not worth risking your home, health, time, or resources. Next time you’re faced with a plumbing problem, call your courteous Grover Beach plumbers to get the job done right the first time. Find peace of mind simply by picking up the phone and calling Griffin’s Grover Beach plumbing pros at (805) 934-1949.

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