Transform Your Bathroom Into a Personal Oasis

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These days, it seems a spa day, every day, is in order. There’s nothing better than letting the stress of the day wash away in a steamy, luxurious setting that relaxes and rejuvenates the body and mind.

But the reality is, we can’t all make it to the spa each and every day. So why not bring the spa to your home?

With a few additions here and changes there – along with some creativity – you can transform your SLO bathroom into your own personal oasis.

Here are a few tips to turn your bathroom into a spa-like setting. And as always, our professional plumbers in SLO are here to help you along the way.

Start With a Custom Design

Most bathrooms are purely functional. When you think about the layout of your favorite spa, it’s more about aesthetics and user experience.

When you go to the spa, what features do you use the most and what design aspects you appreciate. Use that as your guide to your new bathroom design.

You’ll also notice that at a professional spa everything is well-matched and balanced. Consider remodeling your bathroom with earthly shades of tiles and installations that combine with potted plants and warm hue lights to create a soothing atmosphere.

Upgrade Your Bathroom’s Fixtures

There’s nothing basic at a professional spa, so it might be time to upgrade some of the fixtures in your bathroom.

Heated floors add a touch of comfort and luxury, and they’re easier and less expensive to install than you may think.

A multifunctional shower can be as simple as installing a massage showerhead. Or you can completely renovate to create a rain shower, soaking tub and steam bath or sauna. Consider adding a sitting area to soak in a Scandinavian-type experience before finishing with a cool shower under your rain showerhead.

Create a “spa bar” with a coffee maker, wine cooler and makeup application area. You can even add a TV to display scenes that will add to the soothing nature of the setting.

There’s also plenty of new bathroom tech to add to the experience: Bluetooth speakers, digital shower controller, smart mirrors with voice command and adjustable lights and a smart toilet with lighting and a heated seat are just a few options.

Make it Zen

Practical things like toothbrushes, makeup, and shaving kits strewn across your bathroom’s countertops can ruin any spa-like setting. Consider adding storage areas to get that clutter out of sight.

Get rid of any eyesores, and a typical bathroom can have plenty of them: drab fixtures, exposed wires, and harsh lighting are just a few examples.

Splashes of wood, greenery, plenty of fluffy towels and robes scented candles, and light dimmers – even a fireplace – all add to your bathroom’s Feng shui.

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