5 Signs of a Clogged Sewer Line

5 Signs of a clogged sewer line- Lompoc Plumbers

When your sewer line isn’t happy, nobody’s happy. So, how do you spot a clogged sewer line? Your Lompoc plumbers share some tips.

1. Multiple Drains are Stubborn

Are you noticing slow or no drainage in more than one room or fixture? You probably don’t have simultaneous clogs. Chances are much higher than the line they all connect to is causing the problem.

2. Waste is Backing Up Through Other Drains

If something draining from one place makes waste seep up elsewhere, that means it can’t get out via its normal route. The path of least resistance will be another part of the system. This is very unsanitary as well as unsightly. Be sure you get that checked out right away, or you could find yourself in deep water (or something much worse)!

3. You Hear Bubbling or Gurgling

If using one drain causes another to bubble or make gurgling noises, that means things aren’t flowing smoothly toward the sewer. Waste with a clear path out won’t stop and chat along the way.

4. There’s a Bad Smell

Waste water that hasn’t made it out through the sewer line can cause your home’s pipes to sit full, causing them to leak. This can happen in or under your home. If your nose is telling you something’s not right, believe it.

5. Strange Things are Afoot Outside

A low, soggy, or extra green area in your yard can indicate a break in your sewage line between your home and the street, so stay alert. Also, give your sewer cleanout a regular glance to make sure there’s no evidence of seepage or backup. You can usually find your cleanout on the side of your house, covered by a round or rectangular cap.

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Sewer line problems can originate between your house and the street, or even before exiting the house. There are many possible causes. A qualified plumbing technician can locate, evaluate, and cure the problem before it gets any worse. Your tech can also identify things that could lead to future problems. When it comes to sewer lines, an ounce of prevention is definitely better than a pound of… well, we’ll leave that to your imagination. You can call us at 805-934-1949 today, or schedule an appointment online!

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