Lompoc Plumbers: 4 Signs Your Dishwasher Needs Repair

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Dread hand-washing dishes? A dishwasher is a fantastic solution, but they can require maintenance or replacement over the years. If you own a dishwasher, be on the look out for the following signs of a potential problem:

1. Funny gurgling sounds

Do you hear unusual sounds emanating from your kitchen drain? It could be water trying to clear a clog or an indication of an issue with the pump or valves. The moment you hear a funny gurgling sound be sure to call the best plumbers in Lompoc at Griffin Plumbing, before the problem get worse! Griffin’s Lompoc plumbers will be able to diagnose the location of the clog so you can get back to clean dishes.

2. Unclean dishes

Are your dishes not getting all the way clean? If so, your dishwasher may not be filling with water, which means there could be a clog in the main line or kitchen line.

3. Leftover water

When a cycle is complete and you open the dishwasher door, does water pool at the bottom? If it does, call your favorite plumbers at Griffin because there could be a big blockage in the way, leak in the pipe, or pesky crack in the seal. Your go-to Lompoc plumbers will be able to diagnose what’s wrong and fix it to save you water in no time.

4. Draining slow

If water is draining very slowly, there may be a ‘near clog’, which may lead to a full clog if not fixed. This could mean disastrous results for your kitchen! If you can tell your dishwasher or kitchen sink is draining slowly, there might be a near-clog in your kitchen sewer line. You’ll want to get help as soon as possible, because that near-clog could lead to a fully clogged dishwasher and kitchen sink.

Have you seen any of the signs above in your own home? If so, you’re in need of the best plumbers in Lompoc! Call Griffin’s Lompoc plumbers at (805) 751-7206 today or schedule an appointment online.

Experiencing any of these problems with your dishwasher can be frustrating at best and cause damage to your Lompoc home at worst. If your dishwasher seems to be malfunctioning, contact Griffin Plumbing.

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