Lompoc Plumbers: How Do I Remove Rust?

Lompoc Plumbers: Removing Rust Without Damage

Removing rust doesn’t have to be a challenge thanks to Griffin’s Lompoc plumbers! There are many ways to safely tackle the task of eliminating rust from metal surfaces in and around your home.

Stay dry

Prevent rust in the first place by keeping metal surfaces dry. We understand that this can be impossible at times, but do your best!

Try vinegar

Plain white vinegar has super powers! The substance can actually dissolve rust. You can soak small metal items in vinegar, or rub vinegar directly on larger items. After the vinegar begins to dissolve the rust, you’ll need to wipe all surfaces clean and rinse the item with cold water. You may need to repeat this process more than once.

The magic potato trick

Need to remove rust from pots, pans, or knife blades? First, slice a piece of potato. Sounds strange, but we encourage you to give it ago. Next, sprinkle a bit of salt or baking soda onto the potato before rubbing it all over the rusty spot. If you’re cleaning a knife, you can also try simply inserting it into the potato and let it sit for a few minutes. Over that time, the oxalic acid found in the potato will remove the rust.

Scrub it off

Abrasive surfaces like steel wool, wire brushes, or sandpaper can be excellent tools for cleaning rust off metal. This option is most effective for surfaces that don’t scratch easily. Do not attempt to scrub any soft metals or items that need a smooth appearance free of scratches (like a stainless steel BBQ for instance). Simply scrub the affected area and say goodbye to unsightly rust. Periodically wipe away loose rust continue scraping until all the build-up disappears.

The power of baking soda

Did you know that baking soda has the power to remove rust? You’ll want to mix the baking soda with water in a bucket to create a paste. The thicker the consistency, the better. Runny paste won’t work as well. Now, use your fingers or a spatula to apply your paste to the rusty surface. Leave it to dry before dampening with a towel and rubbing dry. Know that you may need to repeat this process more than once for best results.

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