Lompoc Plumbers: Water Damage 101

Water damage repair in Lompoc

From fierce storms to poor performing appliances, incorrect plumbing installation, and even accidents, there are many ways Lompoc water damage may occur. Different types of water damage require different commercial plumbing solutions. Today we’re sharing what you need to know to protect yourself and your Lompoc home.

Category 1 – CLEAN WATER

In the first category, we have clean water. Clean water is simply floodwater that does not pose an immediate health threat but can cause real damage to your home or business. Often, clean water floods can be the result of toilet holding tanks, storm water, or malfunctioning appliances. The good news is it happens to be the easiest type of damage to clean up. While floodwater does not pose an immediate health risk from ingestion or exposure – don’t wait to resolve it because standing water will quickly transform into hazardous category 2 water in less than 48 hours!

Category 2 – GREYWATER (also known as “sullage”)

Moving into more dangerous territory, greywater is wastewater containing contaminants that may cause serious illness. Sources of greywater? Think showers, bathtubs, washing machines, sinks, and dishwashers. Greywater can also be caused by a broken pipe or overflowing plumbing fixture. If greywater has saturated the drywall, flooring, or furniture in your home – be sure to keep children and pets safely away from the flooded area. If you’re dealing with flooding, don’t try to clean it up yourself or you may unfortunately wind up ill. An additional word of caution, don’t wait to address greywater because it will morph into the worst category of water in only two days.

Category 3- BLACKWATER

Hands down, blackwater floods are the MOST dangerous and destructive of all home-flooding emergencies. Why? Because we’re talking about water containing human waste or other contaminates. Sources of blackwater may include broken sewers or toilets. This type of water is a health hazard due to the harmful pathogens and bacteria it contains. Raw sewage (yuck!) is classified as blackwater. Good thing Griffin’s Lompoc plumbing experts are highly skilled at Lompoc plumbing repair. As if blackwater could get any worse, it could also contain chemicals. If you suspect that your home flooding situation may involve this type of water, please don’t put your health at risk by trying to repair it yourself. The professional plumbers at Griffin are available to help you 24/7 at (805) 751-7206 .

To avoid flooding issues altogether, consider investing in a proactive solution. Learn more about commercial plumbing repair in Lompoc at griffin-plumbing.com/cities-we-serve/lompoc-plumber/

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