Lompoc Plumbers: 4 Spring-Cleaning Tips for 2017

Spring Cleaning Plumbing Tips
Spring has sprung and that means more sunshine, and spring-cleaning! Whether you’re planting flowers in your backyard garden or cleaning out kitchens and bathrooms – Griffin’s Lompoc plumbers has the plumbing know-how (and special offers) to help around the house. Here are our most practical 2017 Spring-Cleaning Tips for the season:


Toilet: When cleaning the toilet bowl, be gentle to avoid scratches. Once a toilet bowl is scratched it is impossible to repair and more challenging to clean. Spring is a smart time to check your toilet brush and replace it if necessary. Once bristles begin to wear down that’s a good indication you need a new brush. Griffin Plumbing recommends plastic brushes because they’re less likely to scratch the toilet bowl.


Bathtubs and Sinks: The smooth surfaces of sinks and bathtubs makes them a breeze to clean, but more vulnerable to chips. If your sink or bathtub is chipped, you can easily fix it yourself with a porcelain/sink chip repair kit from your local hardware store. Most kits come in a wide range of colors to suit your particular home improvement project.


Look for Leaks

Looking for leaks is simple. Turn off any running water in the house and check outside to ensure any outside faucets are off too. Then check your water meter by opening the lid and looking at the flow gauge. If nothing is running, the gauge should be still. Even the smallest movement indicates a plumbing leak.


You can learn more by turning off the main shutoff valve for water in your home (often near the water heater). When the shutoff valve is turned on and the flow gauge moves, that can be evidence your home has an indoor plumbing leak. Toilets are common culprits for indoor plumbing leaks. If you do suspect a leak, be sure to call Griffin Plumbing right away.


Another way you can be proactive with your plumbing maintenance is to take a few moments to check your yard for signs of unusually soaked areas, especially after a big rain. If you notice pools of water that aren’t draining (or draining unusually slowly) into the ground, that’s a strong indicator you’re dealing with a broken pipe.


Water Heater Maintenance
Be sure to drain your water heater this spring. Sediment can collect in water heaters over time and become less effective. Griffin Plumbing suggests draining sediment from the tank once or twice a year.
We hope our 2017 Spring-Cleaning Tips prove helpful to you and your family. Our plumbers want you to know that our commitment to providing the best possible service isn’t about going the extra mile – it’s simply the Griffin way.


All of us at Griffin Plumbing wish you a super spring season.
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