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Lompoc Plumbing Leak Prevention

Griffin’s Lompoc preventative plumbing maintenance professionals get it. Leaks are never good news. That’s why we’ve compiled the top tips you need to know to prevent them in the first place! The way we see it, the more you know, the better!

Take pressure off your pipes

The best way to take stress off your pipes is to consistently keep the right water pressure – 30 to 50 psi. Anything above this is going shift or move pipes, which is a common cause of leaks. While high water pressure may feel great when showering, it can unfortunately decrease the longevity of your plumbing. Keep in mind that residential water pressure should never exceed 80 psi. If you need to regulate your water pressure back down to a normal level, Griffin’s Lompoc plumbers are happy to help. You can book your appointment today at (805) 934-1949.

Install a water softener

Hard water can and will lead to corrosion which causes unsightly mineral build-up. You can prevent this with a water softener, which removes unbeneficial minerals for you. There are many different types of water softeners on the market to choose from. Our Lompoc plumbing experts are happy to assist you in finding the right model for your home.

Keep exposed pipes clear

In other words, just say no to compiling clutter. Especially under bathroom and kitchen sinks that share space with exposed pipes.

Most importantly, act fast!

No matter how small it may seem in the moment, please speak up when you spot a leak. Why? Even a relatively minor leak can result in thousands of gallons of wasted water, driving up your water bill and wasting a valuable resource. Rest assured, Griffin’s leak repair experts are trained in the least invasive repair techniques to ensure every plumbing leak is repaired and quickly and painlessly as possible. Simply contact Griffin’s leak repair experts at (805) 934-1949. Our Lompoc plumbing pros are prepared to assist you 24-7.

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