Get The Skinny On Your Drainage Diet Plan

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You are what you eat, and so is your kitchen sink. Just like your body needs to consume healthy foods to keep it running smoothly, your drain needs appropriate substances to keep it clean, fresh, and free flowing. Thankfully, Griffin Plumbing’s team of Santa Maria plumbers have some great recommendations for drain cleaning and garbage disposal care.

Junk Equals Gunk

One of the worst things you can put down your drain and/or garbage disposal is cooking grease. Water and grease do not mix and pouring it into your pipes will make for a thick, smelly coating throughout your drainage system. Additionally you should avoid washing food scraps down the drain. While garbage disposals are made to handle basic food scraps, foods high in grease or containing anything sharp like bones should not go down the disposal and are best placed in the trash. The problem with putting these substances down the sink is that your drainage system does not have the ability to break up the particles of the food and grease. Instead these materials settle in your pipes and form clogs that eventually cause your plumbing system to lose efficiency and back up. The more junk you put down your kitchen drain the more gunk will build up in your pipes and the more likely it is you will need professional drain cleaning.

No Regrets, Feed Your Drain the Best

Every person’s drainage system is a little different because they are all different ages and have their own unique build. Both the age of your drainage system and configuration of your piping play a significant role in how much build up from food waste it can handle. To help keep your drains and pipes clean we recommend BioSmart Drain Maid. BioSmart is a safe and effective treatment that cleans your drains and keeps your pipes free of buildup. Like probiotics for your plumbing, BioSmart works by using friendly bacteria and natural enzymes to break down the food and grease trapped in your pipes and washes it away. BioSmart is safe for septic systems, toilets, bathroom and kitchen sinks, garbage disposals, showers, grease traps, and many more drainage needs. It is important to note that BioSmart is not a cure-all for drain cleaning. If your pipes are already clogged BioSmart will not remove the clog. BioSmart should be used in conjunction with regular preventative maintenance to support the health of your plumbing system.

You Eat Healthy, Your Pipes Should Too

Just like your diet affects your health, your drain’s diet directly impacts your drainage system’s ability to perform the most basic of functions. Feeding your drains the right products, like BioSmart Drain Maid, while having regular preventative maintenance performed by a certified plumber is the best way to keep your pipes clean and clear.

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