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At Griffin Plumbing, we’re passionate about providing the best home services here on the Central Coast, no doubt about it. By building an amazing team of technicians and client service staff, we’re able to ensure the best possible solutions for our clients’ plumbing problems. Our technicians are provided with continual training, honing their knowledge and sharpening their skills.

So why should you become a Griffin Plumber? Our pros are here to dish the perks.

Job Stability

Plumbers are always in demand. After training, being a plumber gives you a level of job security as businesses are always looking for a good technician. Here at Griffin, we show our experts we care by providing added benefits and team events. Check out the video below to learn more!

Less Student Debt

College students these days are graduating with thousands of dollars in loan debt, many with no job prospects. When you choose to master a home services trade like plumbing, you only need to attend a vocational school or community college, which are much cheaper options. A Griffin perk? During your apprenticeship, you’re actually paid for your training!

Advancement Opportunity

Plumbing is a licensed trade, which means you can work your way up to a master level plumber, and enjoy senior benefits like salary increases, and greater job flexibility. Sounds good right?

Job Variety

Plumbers work in all kinds of industries, so becoming a plumber doesn’t mean only doing residential repairs. Many folks find jobs designing plumbing systems for buildings, working for city and municipal water systems, or even developing new plumbing technologies!

Personal Benefits

Every day as a Griffin plumber is different. Rather than sitting at a desk all day, you get the opportunity to travel across the Central Coast, be social, and come away with lifetime skills. You’ll also be able to do home services repairs for yourself and friends, which is incredibly useful.

Ready to join the best plumbers on the Central Coast? Reach out to our home service pros today at (805) 934-1949. We are currently hiring qualified technicians—use this form to get in touch today. We’d love to hear from you!

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