How to Brighten Your Kitchen For Spring


It’s spring, and when it comes to seasonal tasks to complete around the house, cleaning is usually what comes to mind. But it can also be a time for fresh starts – and maybe a little cleaning, too. So, our friendly Santa Maria plumbers are here to answer your questions of how to brighten your kitchen for spring.

Start With Decorating

Adding a few decorating touches around the kitchen is always a good way to refresh the area for any season, spring especially.

Flowers are the way to go here, a quick strategy to brighten up a room. Spring blooms such as the beautiful purple, white and yellow of a crocus; the daffodil, the signature spring flower; and the diverse shapes and colors of the tulip are obvious choices.

Add touches of bright colors wherever possible, even if it’s not undertaking something drastic like painting an accent wall. Purchase spring-themed linens or artwork to add brightness for the next few months and then can be stowed away come summer or fall.

Of course, you can also do something more permanent to freshen up your kitchen – but keep in mind that whatever brick-and-mortar changes you make will have to stand up year-round. Painting or papering walls is one easy way to make the space bright. You can also consider refinishing or replacing cabinetry with brighter colors or materials.

Spring Cleaning

We won’t focus too much on cleaning your kitchen; it’s something we all know how to do. But when it comes to brightening up one of the arguably most important aspects of the room – the kitchen sink – here are some tips and tricks you may not have thought of.

First, it depends on your sink’s material.

Stainless steel stands up to stains and is far less likely to rust than most types of sinks, but acidic foods, bleach, and abrasive scrubbers can damage its finish. Instead of bleach or other bleach-based sprays, use baking soda instead.

White surfaces are most susceptible to rust and food stains, especially when it comes to coffee and wine. Use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to help lift stains and restore the surface to its original state.

Next, go to the faucet. Use a toothbrush and soapy water for those super hard-to-reach areas. And if you’re still seeing white spots, which is lime build-up from water, add a spoonful of vinegar to the soapy water mixture to do the trick.

The drain and disposal probably need the most work. For the drain, baking soda and white vinegar is a potent combo for eliminating odors – and it can even unclog the drain, too.

To get rid of the garbage disposal’s nastiness, stuff a few lemon wedges, salt, and ice cubes into the disposal. Then, with the cold water running, flip the switch until the ice is gone.

A Fun Feature for Entertaining

Once you’ve finished your cleaning and decorating, consider how you’ll use your kitchen for something other than cooking – and oftentimes that’s entertaining. Consider setting up a seasonal food and beverage station in a nook that isn’t getting much use.

Try pastel-colored sweets, fruits and veggies, and seasonal drinks like lemonade or, for your adult friends, a mint julep or margarita bar – or just a few selections to spike that lemonade with. Add drinkware and various types of garnishes to top it off.

For more tips or for help from our professional Santa Maria plumbers on different ways to brighten your kitchen for spring, we’re always a call or click away.

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