It’s Time To Play The Water Heater Dating Game: Hosted by Griffin Plumbing

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The Dating Game was always fun to watch because we knew more than the person asking the questions. A bad choice on The Dating Game led to a lackluster date and 15 minutes of fame, but choosing the wrong water heater can lead to a decade of unnecessary hassle. Thankfully, as your go-to plumbers in Santa Maria, Griffin Plumbing is here to help you choose which one is best for you—because unlike The Dating Game, with water heaters it’s until replacement do you part.

Having installed just about every brand of water heater on the market, we’ve settled on Bradford White as our recommended brand of choice because we’ve found them to be a superior product, plus they’re made right here in America. And so, without further adieu, let’s meet our bachelors!

Electric Water Heaters

It’s time to meet Bachelor Number One. He’s a versatile fellow who likes to heat things up fast and enjoys saving money. Electric water heaters use dual heating elements to heat the water. The standard electric heater is the least expensive, but also wears out faster and isn’t as energy efficient. Hear that ladies? He likes to burn bright rather than fade away.

Looking for something a bit more sustainable? You may want to meet Bachelor Number One’s single cousin, a hybrid model that relies on primarily on solar power to heat you water, but has an electric backup to make sure you’re not left out in the cold on cloudy days and dark nights. While a bit more expensive, this model is not only energy efficient, but also knows his way around a tax form and may qualify for federal tax credits.

Gas Water Heaters

Bachelor Number Two knows a thing or two about popularity, and he happens to be a cheap date. Natural gas is becoming popular because of the low cost of the resource. A conventional gas water heater uses a gas-fed burner at the base to heat the water. If you ask us, it sounds like this bachelor has a fire in his belly. The gas water heater is all about variety, so you ladies have a lot to choose from.

While your average gas water heater is the least expensive option available, it’s also the least energy efficient, although power vent gas water heaters do offer a more refined approach. is high efficiency and uses the existing exhaust from the home’s plumbing system. It needs an electrical connection, but the cost of running the exhaust fan is minimal. That electrical connection means one thing: There’s going to be a spark on your first date. The direct vent water heater is connected to the outside via two pipes, thus fresh air is used for combustion. It has high energy efficiency and is safer than other models.

Tankless Water Heaters

Bachelor Number Three is a great choice for our younger contestants, but be careful, he doesn’t go dutch. By far the most expensive choice, you’ll be pulling out your wallet for this playboy, but don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of love in return. Providing an instant, continuous flow of hot water, it’s best for newly constructed homes because retrofitting and updating a home to accommodate a tankless system can be quite expensive. While highly efficient, due to the high initial cost, a tankless system can take up to 12-15 years to pay for itself.

Unlike other water heaters, a tankless water heater has no reservoir for the water. Instead, it heats the water as it’s being used. Not afraid of commitment, this bachelor is here to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling 24-7, 365.

Griffin Plumbing has years of experience installing and servicing all types of water heaters and can work with you to choose the best type for your situation. For more tips or to schedule a service call with one of our expert technicians, call us at 805-934-1949 today!