Trenchless Pipe and Sewer Line Repair 101 | The Basics Explained

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Here at Griffin Plumbing, we love dinosaurs, but we’re sure glad there aren’t any around now. Unfortunately, a lot of Santa Maria plumbers still act like they are, holding on to old, outdated and costly ways. These fossils bring in giant machines to dig massive holes in your yard, all for a repair that doesn’t even warrant such destructive measures. Thankfully, with the development of trenchless pipe and sewer repair technology, many repairs can now be made without having to destroy your driveway or rip up your lawn.

Don’t let your home fall prey to prehistoric plumbing techniques, let modern plumbers take care of your problems and leave the fossils where they belong.

Line Bursting

This method of trenchless pipe and sewer repair sounds much worse than it actually is. While people generally want to avoid any bursting going on in their home, in this case, it’s actually beneficial. Using specially designed machinery, the faulty pipe or sewer line is broken up, creating a path for the new line to be placed. Two small access holes are dug at each end and a new line is fed in. If a larger line is needed, then an expanding cone can increase the hole size. Avoiding trenches altogether, the line bursting technique also takes less time and is even more affordable. While a dinosaur would be content to dig up your entire yard and cost you serious money, we’re not paleontologists, and don’t want to spend any more time digging in the dirt than necessary.

Nu Flow Cure-in-Place Pipe Liner

3 stages epoxy coatings

If trench digging is a method best left to Jurassic Park, then Nu Flow pipe lining is the Back to the Future DeLorean hitting 88 miles per hour. With no digging involved at all, we get to keep our shovels in the truck. Instead, we clear out the line and eliminate any blockages. Then, when the pipe is clear, we line the inside with a special epoxy that creates a new pipe inside the old pipe. Once the epoxy hardens, any holes, cracks and breaks are filled and the new liner keeps things running smoothly. A popular method, Griffin Plumbing has years of experience with the Nu Flow process, and has happy, satisfied clients throughout Santa Maria, Orcutt and the Central Coast. Sadly, we won’t show up in a DeLorean, but, to look on the bright side, we also won’t show up with a backhoe and excuses for why need to dig a trench.

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