2023 New Years Plumbing Resolutions


It’s time for making New Year’s resolutions again, and while thinking about treating your plumbing a little better probably isn’t super high on your list, we’re here to tell you it should be. The pipes, faucets and drains are the backbone of your home, so when they’re given care, they will take care of you. Here are some New Year’s Plumbing Resolutions to keep your drains draining and pipes flowing all the way through 2023.

Address Leaks Right Away

That “harmless” drip, drip, drip of a pesky faucet or showerhead may end up costing you in the long run – and those little bitty problems hardly ever miraculously fix themselves. So, make sure you’re heading off those big problems by tending to the little ones – tighten that faucet fixture or replace that worn-out gasket to prevent an expensive house call from the plumbing pros.

Keep Your Pipes Cozy This Winter

It’s getting cold out there. While it may be rare, the temperature can drop below freezing here, especially the farther inland you are. When that happens, you’ll want to make sure your exposed pipes – the ones along outside walls or in basements or garages – have insulating sleeves. It’s a small investment that saves you a big headache down the line.

Treat Your Toilet Right

This year, let’s think about ways to be a little kinder to the porcelain throne – in other words, the toilet isn’t a trash can. Think about what you’re flushing; no Q-tips, cotton balls, or dental floss, and resolve to especially do away with flushing wipes (even the ones that say flushable). Toilet paper and, well, you know what else are the only things that should be going down the toilet.

Practice Good Drain Maintenance

Prevent the pain of frequent clogs by keeping debris out of your drains. Coffee grounds, bones, fruit pits, celery, pasta, oils, fats and grease should all go in the trash can, not the kitchen garbage disposal. Drain guards are also non-intrusive, cheap, and they can help you keep clog-causers from sliding down your drain.

Inspect – or Replace – Your Water Heater

Winter is an obvious time to make sure you won’t be caught without hot water. Check the pressure relief valve and drain your water heater at least once a year to avoid sediment buildup. You can find more water-heater maintenance tips here.

Also, if you have an old tank water heater, it’s probably a good time to think about going on-demand. It not only saves you energy in the long run but is also environmentally conscious.

Make Some Improvements

Have you been putting off replacing those worn-out bathroom fixtures or those old, rattle-can washer and dryer? Well, 2023 might be the time to do some plumbing renovations. Changing out old fixtures and appliances can save on your energy consumption and conserve water. And bathroom and kitchen design trends have really turned our heads lately.

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