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Griffin Plumbing - Family Friendly Plumbing Tips

Having youngsters in the house means maintaining constant vigilance for the worst-case scenario. Getting into mischief is part and parcel for toddlers.

That mischief can often involve your home’s plumbing, and the results can be messy, at best.

So, it’s crucial to devise a plan for kid-proofing your drains, sinks, and toilets – basically all of your home’s plumbing. And our friendly Santa Maria plumbers have come up with a list of family-friendly plumbing tips to ensure your home’s plumbing doesn’t suffer a kid-induced incident.

Put the Toilet Lid on Lockdown

Don’t want your kid’s rubber ducky in the toilet? Best to install a lock on the lid as a precaution against toddlers using the toilet bowl as their own personal playground. Also, install a lock on the flush handle to prevent wasted water and toys and other objects from being flushed, should the lid lock be bypassed by a clever kid.

Install Drain Covers

Open drains are a perfect place for a toddler to stuff objects of all kinds. If they manage to cram something down far enough, that could not only mean a contumacious clog but also potential damage to your pipes – and ultimately a costly repair job.

Install sink and shower drains covers to prevent these big backups.

Put a Limit on Hot Water

Scalding hot showers are great for adults… not so much for an unassuming child. Temperature-regulating devices can prevent water in the sink or shower from reaching dangerous temperatures. Set your water heater temperature no higher than 120 degrees to prevent scalding – and also save energy.

Set a Good Plumbing Precedent

If you’re not following good plumbing practices, odds are your kids aren’t either. If you’re flushing things other than toilet paper and, ahem, human waste down the toilet, it will trickle down to your kids. Also, pro tip, those “flushable” baby wipes don’t always live up to their namesake and can do damage to your plumbing over time.

And just like teaching your kids their ABCs, next time it’s time to do regular plumbing maintenance around the house, involve the family. Show your children how to clean hair out the drain after a bath. Model throwing tissues and wipes into the trash can instead of the toilet. If a child does throw something into the toilet or down the drain, explain to them why that’s dangerous.

It sets a good example, and will even save you some time on your daily chores!

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