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Water Leak Detection And Repair: Griffin Plumbing Helps You Buy a Safe, Quality Home this Summer

It is no secret that the majority of people buy homes between June and September. There is just something welcoming about getting settled into a new house during the summer. You can make the most of the warm weather while you give your new domicile a fresh coat of paint, do some remodeling, and break in your backyard with a friends-and-family barbecue.

But before you pick up the keys and fire up the grill, Griffin Plumbing recommends that you check out these key features of your potential new home to make sure everything is in working order.

Check for Water Damage

While you are house hunting, take the extra time to look at the kitchen, bathrooms, ceilings, basements, crawl spaces, and the yard. These are the first places you are likely to see visible water damage from a leaking pipe.

Look around fixtures for water stains or peeling flooring or paint. Also, observe the flooring around the toilets for water spots or active sweating, which can be a sign of non-insulated pipes, or improperly insulated pipes, running under your flooring. This can lead to water damage and mold if left unattended.

Smell the Air

If the basement or crawl space smells damp or musty, there may be a problem that you do not want to inherit. Musty basements can be an indication of a cracked foundation or ongoing leaking pipes. When looking at homes, make sure the basement and crawl space are dry, well lit, and that you have a clear view of the entire space. You also want to observe for windows or ventilation in these spaces. Poor air quality could be another issue you need to address later.

Note: Mold is a serious issue when looking for the right home. Consider professional water leak detection and repair services to help make sure you don’t inherit someone else’s mold problem!

When Aesthetics Really Do Matter

Your Santa Maria plumbers are not interior decorators, but we know when something doesn’t look right in your sinks and tubs. If you notice hard water stains in all of the fixtures, you should take this as an indication that there is either no water softener hooked up, or that it no longer works.

Not only do we recommend that you look at the fixtures, but also turn them on. Look for weak or inconsistent water flow in the sinks and showers. Go ahead and flush the toilets to see if they stick or run, or if they even flush!

Water Runs Downhill

Another helpful tip during your house hunting is to be mindful of the lay of the land. If your potential new home is settled at the bottom of a hill, and there is no drainage ditch in sight, you should anticipate your home being a flood risk whenever it rains.

Indications of this can be seen by looking around the yard for debris in areas without trees, or looking at the flowerbeds and foundation for any noticeable draining ridges. Also, check that the gutters have clear downspouts that flow away from the house, instead of allowing the water to settle against the foundation.

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