8 Common Mistakes When Renovating a Bathroom

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Whether perking up a powder room or reimagining an en suite, bathroom renovations can make a big, beautiful statement in a small space. They can also say, “Uh-oh, maybe I didn’t think this through.” Our Arroyo Grande plumbers have heard and seen it all. Review these common mistakes to keep your refreshing ideas from becoming depressing regrets.

Poor Planning

Bathroom renovations aren’t inexpensive, so protect your investment with careful planning. Design spaces that work for all users. Learn about materials and installation to help create a realistic budget. If you’re hiring contractors, save time and money by using qualified, experienced professionals who specialize in bathroom remodeling. Remember, small mistakes are magnified in small spaces. There’s nothing worse than sitting on the throne and seeing constant reminders of the flaws in your castle.

Skipped Permits

Don’t assume your project doesn’t need a permit. Most changes beyond surface refreshes do. A permit ensures that your changes meet important codes for health and safety, and helps you prevent problems with insurance claims or resale of your home down the road.

Flawed Function

Think about how you and your family will use the space. Will two people be getting ready at the same time in the mornings? What items will they need nearby? How much electrical access and counter space is needed for daily routines? If this isn’t your “forever home,” consider the needs and expectations of future buyers as well.

Layout Issues

Knowing how you want things is important. Understanding how they work is, too. If you’re not using a professional designer or contractor, simple things can get overlooked. For example, changes to the thickness of a wall or baseboard without relocation of a toilet flange can result in an unpleasant surprise when it’s time to reset the toilet and you find it no longer fits. Cabinet drawers or shower doors that can’t be fully opened without hitting something else, or room entry doors that whack drawers or the room’s occupants aren’t as uncommon as you may think. Be sure to analyze each aspect of your layout and picture the completed project in use.

Design Disasters

Trends come and go. Make sure today’s choices don’t become tomorrow’s misgivings. We’ve all seen bathrooms that are married to a funky color scheme for life due to the expense of replacing long-lasting items such as tubs, sinks, toilets or tile. Choose enduring designs over trendy finishes and make your statement with things that are more easily changed over time, such as accessories, lighting fixtures, knobs and pulls, paint, and even faucets.

Unrealistic Ideas

That shallow sink may look modern and sleek, but is there enough room to fill your cup or rinse something off under the faucet? Will toothpaste and facewash splash out of the shallow basin and onto clothing and surrounding finishes? The huge dreamy tub is magazine-ready, but is your water heater large enough to fill it? Do you live in an area affected by drought or water restrictions that will make using it rare or problematic?

Cleaning Frustrations

Bathrooms don’t clean themselves. Whether you’re doing it yourself or paying someone for their efforts, reducing the time it takes to clean is always a good goal. Tiny tiles mean more grout to clean. Tile that extends more than 7 feet up a wall is hard to reach while cleaning. White grout stops sparkling quickly on floors. As you think about how your bathroom will look, also think about how it will clean. (Pro tip: A handheld shower head can be quite affordable and is very handy when cleaning a shower or tub.)

Inferior Materials

It’s tempting to scrimp here and there to allow for more features or flair elsewhere. Remember that bathrooms are a room where quality matters. Cheap fixtures, faucets, and fans often rely on lower-quality parts that don’t last. Plastic components can lead to failed faucets, flaking finishes, or expensive water damage. Repairing or replacing these items, or fixing the damage they cause, can be costly and aggravating. Invest in well-made products from manufacturers known for standing behind their products.

Whether the plumbing in your bathroom remodel involves a complete re-piping or just adding a few new fixtures, Griffin is always standing at the ready. Our residential and commercial plumbing specialists can quickly tackle any job, keeping your project on-schedule and stress-free. Tell your contractor you choose Griffin Plumbing, or DIY the right way by calling (805) 934-1949 to schedule your appointment with the most qualified technicians on the Central Coast.

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