Arroyo Grande Plumbers: How Do I Know When to Replace My Plumbing?


When it comes to replacing your home plumbing, how do you know how old is old, exactly? Well, your friendly Arroyo Grande plumbers have outlined a few questions that may help:

Is your water clear?

If you answered no, that’s a sign it’s time to replace your home plumbing. While discoloration is more common with well systems, we all know water should be clear. If you happen to spot any discoloration (generally a tint of brown), don’t wait to call Griffin because this could be a sign of pipe corrosion. When a pipe corrodes, rust can flow through it. Avoid sediment build up and mineral deposits in the first place with a Griffin Preventative Maintenance Plan. Regular pipe cleaning will decrease your chances of a burst pipe.

Does your water smell off?

If your water has an icky odor, that’s not good. Any funny odor in your water (like the smell of eggs) may indicate bacteria buildup in your pipes. Not to fear! The best plumbers in Arroyo Grande are here to help you replace your plumbing and prevent costly problems down the road.

Any mold in sight?

Whether it’s a pipe or plumbing fixture, leaks can lead to major problems. The tricky thing is, not all leaks are easy to spot. Leaks often remain silently hidden behind walls. Be observant in your kitchen and bathroom. Mold and water stains indicate leaks. Showers, tubs, and under sinks are all common hideouts where invisible leaks may be lurking. The takeaway here, when you spot mold it’s time to call Griffin Plumbing.

Unlike many wines, plumbing doesn’t necessarily get better with age. Your plumbing needs tender loving care from time to time in order to make it last as long as possible before replacing. Before disaster strikes, keep the three questions above in mind. Your answers may indicate it’s time to update your Arroyo Grande plumbing. Contact your helpful Arroyo Grande plumbers today to learn how our preventative maintenance plans can help you preserve your plumbing for as long as possible at (805) 934-1949.

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