Arroyo Grande Plumbing: 5 Ways To Make Your Plumbing Last

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Griffin’s friendly Arroyo Grande plumbers here! Welcome back to the blog. Ready to tackle a new topic? Today we’re sharing the best ways make sure your plumbing lasts!

1. Address any plumbing issues that pop up as soon as you notice them

A common culprit of serious home plumbing problems in your home is ignoring the small one. Proactive plumbing maintenance is proven to save you dollars down the road. Do your best to be vigilant in looking and listening for small leaks, cracks, drips, or puddles. Beyond your kitchen and bathrooms, don’t forget to consider your washer and dryer or whole home water pressure too! Griffin’s expert plumbing and drain repair experts are here to help.

2. Keep garbage in the garbage

In other words, don’t treat your toilet, drains, or garbage disposal the same way you would your garbage can. Only flush you know what and toilet paper. Nothing else belongs down there. When it comes to your garbage disposal, be sure to avoid throwing banana peels, celery, bones, fruit pits, or coffee grounds down there. It will last longer!

3. Inspect your water heater once a month

Since water heaters are often hidden away in the garage, they can be easy to forget about, but that would be a mistake! Once a month, take a few moments to inspect your water heater for cracks, pooling around the base, or cracks where the pipes connect. If you notice anything amiss, call Griffin’s Arroyo Grande plumbers straight away!

4. Don’t use chemical drain cleaners

While it may seem like a straightforward solution, in many cases chemical drain cleaners do more harm than good and can actually cause damage to your home plumbing system by eroding pipes.

5. Sign up for Griffin’s Preventative Maintenance Plan

Major plumbing repairs can be costly. Contact Griffin’s Arroyo Grande plumbers to prevent disaster with a proactive preventative maintenance plan. Our trusted plumbers are happy to walk you through the details and answer your questions at (805) 934-1949.


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