Why Do I Need An Earthquake Shutoff Valve?

Earthquake Shutoff Valve

As all Californians know, earthquakes are a real threat that are more a matter of “when” than “if”. They can be catastrophic for the foundation of your home, your water system, as well as your sewer and electrical lines. Gas lines in particular pose a major hazard—one busted pipe could mean deadly leaks, fires, or explosions. Here at Griffin Plumbing, our mission has always been to go above and beyond in all of our services. Not only do we provide the best solutions for all of our clients, we aim to protect them and their homes from potential plumbing emergencies and disasters. That is why today our plumbers in Arroyo Grande are explaining why every home on the Central Coast should have an earthquake shut-off valve.

So what exactly are earthquake shut-off valves? First, it is important to understand exactly how gas lines work. All the gas that flows into your home comes from lines that go through the street and back through your utility company’s meter. If you ever need to turn that gas off in your home, you do so by locating your meter and turning the switch off. However, in the event of a sudden earthquake, it can be impossible to get to the meter and shut it off before damage is done. Even small tremors can lead to serious trouble.

Earthquake shut-off valves (or sometimes called seismic valves) regulate the flow of gas in the event of an earthquake. They are installed directly to your meter, and they work by using motion sensor technology to detect seismic activity and in turn automatically shut off the gas flowing into your home. Since these shutoff effects are immediate, there is far less to worry about following an earthquake. Gas leaks are often initially undetectable, and many people realize they have one after it is too late.

Know that in the event of a disaster big or small, our Arroyo Grande plumbing pros are here to help. From water pipes to serious leak detection, we continually enhance the lives of our clients by going above and beyond their expectations. We utilize the proven practices of our trade, combined with a rigorous devotion to new technologies, products, and techniques to ensure we deliver – every time. If you’re looking for a friendly plumber in Arroyo Grande, reach out to us today.

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