Preparing Your Plumbing for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Plumbing Arroyo Grande CA

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means turkey, mashed potatoes, and total plumbing mayhem. Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for our plumbing pros—our house calls nearly double! Visualize this: piles of dirty dishes clogging your sink, greasy garbage disposal damage, toilet troubles. The best plumbers in Arroyo Grande are here to help you out with 6 ways to prep your pipes for holiday hosting.

Pre-Thanksgiving Plumbing Check

There’s no reason to let Thanksgiving be the day you find out your dishwasher is broken. Give our local plumbers a call for a whole-home inspection. Our plumbers in Arroyo Grande will leave you resting easy, so you can focus on perfecting that gravy recipe, not unclogging your sink.

Toss Leftovers in the Trash, Not the Drain

As tempting as it may be to toss leftovers down the drain, don’t. Even with a garbage disposal, the likelihood of a clog increases every time you wash a dirty plate. Thanksgiving meals are simply too large to thrust on your pipes. Instead, designate a trash can for scraps. Trust our local plumbers: there’s nothing worse than getting a stinky sink clog halfway through your dishes!

Run the Disposal During Dish Duty

After food waste has been scrapped and it’s time to wash the stuffing bowl—turn on the disposal! The more dishes you do, the more grease and food gunk your sink has to break down. Be sure to allow the drain to fill with water before you start cleaning dishes, and keep the water running for a short period of time to keep turkey bits from clogging your pipes.

Put Sink Strainers…Everywhere!

The golden rule of Griffin Plumbing: If you have a sink, you must have a strainer on your drain! These inexpensive and simple-to-install tools will save you from costly clogs in the future. All too often our local plumbers fix kitchen sink and shower clogs that could have been easily prevented with this simple home solution.

Create Shower Queues

If you have a full house of guests this Thanksgiving, do your pipes a favor and create a shower queue. Too many showers back-to-back can overflow your drains and cause hairy clogs you won’t want to deal with after a day of celebration. Waiting at least 10 minutes between showers allows water to drain and debris to break down, and saves our plumbers in Arroyo Grande from another house call.

Leave Repairs to the Pros

Don’t be the hero this Thanksgiving. If a plumbing nightmare strikes, save the repairs for the pros. Our local plumbers have come to the rescue for countless home repairs gone awry. If a turkey-day disaster comes your way, call our friendly plumbers in Arroyo Grande at (805) 934-1949.


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