Kid-Friendly Bathroom Design

Our Arroyo Grande Plumbers can assist with your next kid-friendly bathroom remodel.

Growing your family and making some kid-friendly renovations to your house? Well, don’t forget about the bathroom! Our friendly Arroyo Grande plumbers have come up with some ideas for kid-friendly bathroom design to help get you started on this important part of an age-appropriate home upgrade.

Easy Access Bathtub

Adult-sized bathtubs can pose a challenge for kids. The taller sides can make it difficult to get in and out, especially for younger kids. Easy-access bathtubs eliminate that issue and also make it easier on parents when it comes to bath time.

Allowing kids to get in and out of the tub on their own will provide your child with an added sense of independence, as well.

Buy a Step Stool

This is an easy one but something that can make all the difference for the size-challenged in an adult-sized bathroom. A simple step stool can give kids the ability to reach the sink, access drawers and cabinets and, well, just do all the things you normally do in the bathroom.

Hands-Free Faucets

Even if you have a step stool, faucets aren’t always easy to reach or for little hands to maneuver. Hands-free faucets in your child’s new bathroom are a good way to remedy that. This allows your child the ability to turn the water on and off by themselves, making personal hygiene easier for them without having to ask mom or dad for help.

Textured Flooring

We all want to keep our kids safe, and typical bathroom floors can get wet and slippery, posing serious safety risks for young children. Adding textured flooring in your design plans adds grip and can prevent slips and falls – even when the floor gets wet.

Child-sized Toilet

You’ve heard of potty chairs, we’re sure, but those can be inefficient and messy. So why not just install the real thing, only kid-sized. Child-sized toilets are a miniature version of the real thing, meaning they give kids the experience of using an actual toilet in a way a potty chair doesn’t, helping your child establish independence and make the whole potty-training stage much easier. If you have a little boy on the house, you can even install a mini urinal.

Add storage

Your kid’s bathroom essentials will take up space, so you’ll need a place to put all those things. Consider an open cabinet where you can add baskets on lower levels for easier access for your kids. Name tags and labels for things can also help keep things organized and easy to find for your youngsters.


We hope these kid-friendly bathroom design tips from our friendly Arroyo Grande plumbers give you some ideas for your remodel. For more helpful tips on how to design a kid-friendly bathroom, contact Griffin Plumbing.

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