Arroyo Grande Plumbing Updates That Add Value to Your Home

Our Arroyo Grande Plumbers can help you ad value to your Arroyo Grande home.

We all want to add value to our homes, and, no surprise here, but our Arroyo Grande plumbers know your plumbing is a big part of that. So, read on for a helpful list of plumbing updates that add value to your home.

Update Your Fixtures

Having to jiggle the handle on your old toilets all the time? Dingy sinks and showers? A kitchen that looks like it’s from the set of a 90s sitcom?

Yep, it’s all gotta go. Modern fixtures are an easy and obvious way to add value to your home. More than that, you’ll likely save on energy costs in the meantime.

Go Eco-friendly

This will appeal to future buyers who enjoy the cost-saving effects of these utilities but also lower your energy costs up until you sell.

Common eco-friendly upgrades include low-flow showerheads, toilets and sinks, as well as high-efficiency dishwashers and clothes washing machines. Even just replacing leaky faucets and pipes can go a long way to improving your home’s efficiency.

Upgrade Your Pipes

Next up are the bones of your home’s plumbing: the pipes.

If your house still has galvanized pipes, which are more susceptible to corrosion, it’s time for an upgrade. If you have lead pipes, replacing them is even more urgent for health reasons.

Install copper pipes for fresh water supply and PVC pipes for waste outlets to improve not only the safety and functionality of your plumbing system, but also to add value to your home. Also, properly insulating your pipes, especially in cold-weather areas, can prevent bursts and the subsequent water damage.

Water Heater Upgrade

If you’re still using an old-school tank water heater, you’re doing yourself and your home’s value a disservice. Tankless, on-demand water heaters are more energy-efficient and also won’t leave you stuck in an ice-cold shower if you run out of hot water.

Drain Maintenance

Slow running drains can be a deterrent for potential home buyers, as they are often a sign of larger issues with your plumbing system. Rather than continuing to pour drain cleaners down your sinks and showers, hire a professional to come in and do an assessment.

Having your drains snaked or even replaced entirely will keep your plumbing system working more efficiently for longer – thus adding value to your home.

For more plumbing updates that will add to your home’s value, or for help with any of the above upgrades, contact our professional Arroyo Grande plumbers to get started today.

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