Arroyo Grande Plumbing: How Long Do Plumbing Fixtures Really Last?

Arroyo Grande Plumbing Fixtures

Griffin’s Arroyo Grande local plumbers understand that when it comes to plumbing fixtures, there are no easy answers…until now! Today we’re answering a common question: how long do plumbing fixtures really last?

Unsurprisingly, the use, type, location of your home, and maintenance all factor into the question. Considering the average of all of the above, here are a few handy facts for your reference:

Air Conditioner
  • Central air conditioner typically 20 years
  • Window units: typically 10 years
  • Iron: 75 or more years
  • PVC: Good news! PVC pipes last indefinitely.
  • Faucets only need to be replaced if your family has experienced a specific problem or if you’re hankering to switch up the style.
Garbage Disposals
  • Around 10 years
  • Beyond age, your garbage disposal may also need to be replaced if:
  • Frequent clogs occur
  • Persistent odors won’t go away
  • Food takes longer to breakdown
Hot Water Heaters
  • Tankless: 20 years
  • Traditional: 8 to 15 years
  • If you happen to notice the following, replace your hot water heater sooner:
  • The thermostat breaks
  • The valve sticks
  • Leaks or rust appear around the heater
  • The pilot light in your conventional water heater flickers out
  • The circuit breaker in your tankless water heater trips
  • The burner or heating element fails
  • The lifespan of pipes is truly dependent on the type of metal
  • Copper: 50 to 70 years
  • Brass: 40 to 70 years
  • Galvanized Steel: 20 to 50 years
  • Here’s the deal. Toilet bowls may last up to 50 years, but Griffin Plumbing DOES NOT recommend waiting that long because more water efficient models will lower your water bill! Let’s get more specific…
  • You know it’s time to replace the toilet handle if:
  • Jiggling is required to stop water from running
  • It won’t fully flush unless the handle is held down
  • Water runs regardless of being flushed
  • A few more helpful tips:
  • Flappers, fill valves, fittings, trip levers, and plumbing connections generally last about 5 years
  • Wax seals on the other hand – 20 to 30 years!

Ensure your plumbing fixtures can go the distance by communicating with your friendly Arroyo Grande plumbers from the start. At Griffin Plumbing, you can connect with our prompt and professional team anytime, day or night, at (805) 934-1949. If you happen to be online, simply make an appointment.

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