Arroyo Grande Plumbers: 7 Signs Your Sewer Needs Repair

7 Signs Your Sewer Needs Repair

Griffin’s Arroyo Grande plumbers are the pros you can count on for sewer repair! So how do you know your sewer is in need of repair? Simple! Our experienced sewer repair team has outlined 7 signs that will help you spot a problem before it becomes a costly mess.

1. Backups or blockages

If backups or blockages are occurring in your home or business on a regular basis – something isn’t right. Regular backups may be due to deteriorating sewer lines. When backups or blockages occur frequently, an issue stemming from the main sewer may be causing them. Sanitary sewer backups most often occur in the lowest open drain while a sewage backup is generally caused by a blockage somewhere along the line. If you are experiencing a backup every time you flush or run water down your sink or tub, the primary problem is most likely your main sewer line. Not to fear – Griffin Plumbing is here! We know just what to do with get your sewer running smoothly. Call your Arroyo Grande plumbers to schedule a drain cleaning or sewer video inspection.

2. Stinky smell

Bad odors are the worst. There should never be a stinky smell coming from your sewer because a sanitary sewer is airtight everywhere with the exception of vent stacks on the roof, which allow for the sewage to move downhill. If you’re experiencing a gross scent that sticks around, that could very well mean there is a crack or opening in your sewer lines.

3. Cracks

Cracks in the foundation are a telltale sign of sewage line leakage. When sewer pipes deteriorate, cracks will start to occur. Avoid foundation problems and sinkholes by addressing the root of the problem, which is often a broken or leaking main sewer line. Unfortunately cracks only worsen over time. Once you’re aware of cracks in the foundation, call your Arroyo Grande plumbers straight away.

4. Bugs and pests

Are there pesky cockroaches or rodents roaming your home or business? If there are, it may be due to a cracked sewer pipe. You don’t want tiny critters squeezing through those cracks. The average rat can fit through an opening the size of a quarter. If you’re facing a persistent pest problem, a video inspection may help identify any possible entry points from your sewer system.

5. Mold

Any type of mold growth is a sign of leakage since mold needs humidity in order to grow. A cracked sewer might be the problem. You don’t want to mess with mold. When you see it, speak up.

6. Extra green

Are particular areas in your yard noticeably greener than the rest? This is a possible sign of an underground leak. Sewage acts as a fertilizer, so a cracked sewer could be feeding nutrients into the soil, resulting in extra green patches. If you notice the grass is always greener in one particular spot, be sure to call your Arroyo Grande plumbers at Griffin.

7. Sinking to new lows

In your yard, is the ground consistently wet? A cracked sewer pipe could be to blame. Cracked sewer pipes can cause the ground to sink down lower and lower. The moment you notice a dramatic dent in your yard, call Griffin Plumbing.

If you see any of the 7 signs above, don’t hesitate to call your Arroyo Grande plumbers at Griffin because there may be something seriously wrong with your sewer. Waiting will cause a sewer line clog to become compacted and can halt water drainage from your home or business entirely, forcing any water that goes down the drain to backup into the plumbing systems across your home – resulting in an extensive crisis. Instead, schedule an appointment with your Arroyo Grande plumbers or call (805) 934-1949 today.

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