Arroyo Grande Plumbing: Top 5 Tips for Responsible Homeowners

Breakfast Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

Today Griffin’s Arroyo Grande Plumbing experts are revealing the top 10 plumbing facts savvy homeowners need to know. Let’s dive in!

1. Where the Main Water Shut-Off Valves Are

It’s extremely important to know where the main shut-off valve and drain is located on your property (it can actually be located outside your home in some cases) because plumbing emergencies happen – and you need to be prepared. A backed up sewer or burst pipe can cause water to flood your home. By shutting off the main supply of water to you house, you can stop the water flow and seriously reduce costly water damage.

2. What Doesn’t Belong Down the Drain

Contrary to popular belief, your toilets aren’t meant to double as trashcans. The truth is flushing anything except toilet paper will lead to nasty clogs. Even wipes that claim to be “flushable” will back up the system! The concept is similar for what can go down your kitchen sink. Do your best to never dump vegetable peelings (especially potatoes), coffee grounds, or bacon grease down your garbage disposal. Why? All those items are notorious culprits for causing clogs.

3. Where to Drill

Hanging up family photos or curated pieces of art are personal touches to make your house a home. But, before you drive nails deep into your walls or start to drill, it’s important to know where it’s safe to do so. That’s because you don’t want to accidentally puncture your pipes. This mistake quite common, and can cause a real headache. Instead, locate a safe space using a stud finder. This inexpensive tool is a good one to have handy.

4. Don’t Ignore Leaks

When you see or hear a leak, even the smallest one, Griffin’s Arroyo Grande plumbing pros advise you to take action instead of ignoring the problem. That steady drip is essentially wasted money going down your drains. Get this – a running toilet will waste up to 200 gallons of water in a single day. Now that’s expensive. The good news is, Griffin’s expert plumbers are proven leak stoppers and will fix the issue correctly the first time.

5. Invest in the Best

The best plumbers in Arroyo Grande want you to know that investing in quality is a smart choice when it comes to properly maintaining your beautiful home. Know that Griffin Plumbing is proud to provide the Arroyo Grande community with sound solutions to all of its plumbing needs from residential repair and remodels and commercial service to comprehensive preventative maintenance plans.

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