Kitchen Sink, Drain, and Garbage Disposal Cleaning Tips

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Griffin Plumbing - Kitchen Sink Cleaning Tips

Spending time at the kitchen sink is something we’re all used to. Doing the dishes, preparing meals, watering house plants, even giving the dog a bath (depending on size), it’s all part of our daily routine – especially these days as we spend more time at home.

But believe it or not, despite all the use it gets, cleaning the actual kitchen sink is something that often goes overlooked. And it definitely shouldn’t.

Leftover grime and dirt from those greasy pots and pans or dog fresh off a backyard dig can build up over time in the sink basin, drain,  and especially garbage disposal. So, it might be time to show your kitchen sink and drain some love, and our friendly San Luis Obispo plumbers have come up with a list of kitchen sink, drain, and garbage disposal cleaning tips that you should make part of your regular sanitizing routine.

Cleaning the Sink Basin

Giving your sink basin a deep clean beyond just the regular quick rinse depends on the material it’s made out of.

Stainless steel:

This material stands up to stains and is far less likely to rust than most types of sinks, but acidic foods, bleach, and abrasive scrubbers can damage its finish. Instead of bleach or other bleach-based sprays, use baking soda instead.

Coat the wet sink in baking soda, add some dish soap and hot water to a sponge and give it a good scrub. Once it’s grime-free, be sure to dry the sink with a cloth – microfiber is best – because stainless is notorious for showing water spots.

White sink:

These surfaces are most susceptible to rust and food stains, especially when it comes to coffee and wine. Use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to help lift stains and restore the surface to its original state. Once fully scrubbed, wash the mixture down the drain.

Porcelain sink:

Glossy porcelain sinks tend to highlight stains and rust spots, as well. You can use the same cleaning method as white sinks for stains, but to remove rust simply sprinkle salt on a lemon half and scrub it directly on the spot in question. When it’s gone, wash the area clean with warm, soapy water and use a microfiber cloth to dry.

Wipe Down Faucets and Handles

Of course, any type of faucet can be cleaned with soapy water, but there’s always ways to go a little bit deeper. Use a toothbrush for those super hard-to-reach areas. And if you’re still seeing white spots, which is lime buildup from water, add a spoonful of vinegar to the soapy water mixture to do the trick.

Clean the Drain and Disposal

If the smells emanating from your kitchen drain and/or disposal are on the funky side, it’s definitely time for a deep clean.

For the drain, baking soda and white vinegar is a potent combo for eliminating those odious odors – and it can even unclog the drain, too.

Using one part baking soda and to two parts white vinegar, just pour the baking soda down the drain followed by a slow pour of white vinegar. Wait 15 minutes for the bubbling concoction to do its thing, then wash away with boiling hot water to rid the drain of any remaining residue.

To get rid of the garbage disposal’s nastiness, stuff a few lemon wedges, salt, and ice cubes into the disposal. Then, with the cold water running, flip the switch until the ice is gone. The salt scrubs the blades while ice helps knock off any gunk and grime, and the lemon, of course, helps give it that fresh scent.

For more tips on freshening up your kitchen sink or if you’re dealing with a more complicated issue, our professional San Luis Obispo plumbers are a call or click away. Contact us online or simply by calling (805) 934-1949.