3 Fall Plumbing Maintenance Tips

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Fall hits a little different here on California’s Central Coast – we’re not bracing for the pouring rain or chilly temperatures any time soon. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about making sure your pipes, gutters and faucets are ready for the season. So, here are three fall plumbing maintenance tips from our friendly San Luis Obispo plumbers.

Because rain (hopefully) and colder temperatures will eventually arrive, and you’ll want to be ready.

1. Clean Your Home’s Exterior

Make sure your gutters are clear of debris by scooping out all those fallen leaves, sticks and pine needles.

Also, make sure the drains around your home are also clear of any debris and flowing freely to prevent flooding. This includes downspout drains and any drainage systems around your yard and patios.

While you’re inspecting your exterior plumbing systems, make sure there are no drips on outside faucets and that you have the proper insulation coverings for when the freezing weather does arrive.

2. Inspect Your Water Heater

Again, while we’re not exactly living in the Arctic, it can get cold here in the late fall and winter. So, the last thing you want is to be without hot water.

If you have a tank water heater, you’ll want to drain and flush the system to prevent sediment build-up and rust, check the temperature and test the pressure relief valve. For more on how to do this, you can read more in our water heater maintenance blog.

If your water heater is getting a little long in the tooth, you might also consider a tankless water heater for on-demand hot water.

3. Check Your Interior Fixtures and Pipes

Leaks are bad no matter what the season is, and you might be surprised how much a little drip can cost you on your water bill.

So, consider the leaves turning outside a good time to check your faucets and showerheads inside. Fixing a leak might be as simple as tightening a loose screw here, a nut there or replacing a seal, but it’s most likely a sign that you need to head to the hardware store for an upgrade.

If you don’t have them already, consider low-flow fixtures for even more water savings.

Also, make sure your interior pipes are properly insulated from the cold so you don’t have any burst on those cold winter nights. Pay especially close attention to exposed pipes along exterior walls and in your basement and garage.

For more tips on fall plumbing maintenance, or to have a team of our professional San Luis Obispo plumbers do a plumbing inspection on your home to get ready for the season, we’re always a call or