San Luis Obispo Plumbing: Halloween Plumbing Tips

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San Luis Obispo Plumbing: Halloween Plumbing Tips

Autumn is officially here and you better believe the best plumbers in San Luis Obispo are not about to FALL down on the job of providing your practical seasonal plumbing tips! With Halloween just around the corner, don’t let scary plumbing problems spoil any of your fun. Here are the three top plumbing tips every homeowner needs to know this time of year:

Double, Double, TOILET Trouble

Keep in mind that the toilet is for waste and toilet paper only. That’s it. Just those two things. Don’t let the kids (or goblins) in your home flush anything else down there whether it’s candy wrappers, pumpkin seeds, or toys…remind goblins big and small that that’s what the trash is for.

What’s That Strange Sound?

Hearing a loud thumping sound in the middle of the night is spooky enough. Not knowing where it’s coming from is straight out of a scary movie! Not to fear, Griffin’s San Luis Obispo plumbers are here. Those noisy sounds in the night could very well be coming from your pipes. Call our plumbing pros and we’ll identify the culprit. Often, high water pressure can be to blame.

Pumpkin Problems: Pulp Can Clog Drains

Before you and your family create jack-o-lanterns this year, know exactly what to do with the slimy seed-packed pulp inside. The solution? Carve your pumpkins on newspaper and then throw it away. It’s a way safer option than letting the sticky stuff goop up your kitchen garbage disposal.

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