Building a Home Plumbing Tool Kit

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It’s a good idea to have a home preparedness kit for just about any emergency—the recent run on toilet paper, anyone? However, building a home plumbing tool kit is probably not high on any prepper’s priority list.

But a home plumbing emergency can happen at any time, and our friendly San Luis Obispo plumbers have come up with a list of things you’ll need on hand to be prepared for anything.

1. Start with a Bucket – or Tackle Box

First things, first, you need something to hold all your gear in. A simple 5-gallon bucket does the trick nicely. But if you want something a little more organized and secure, try a water-resistant fishing tackle box—great for keeping all the little odds and ends easy to locate.

2. Tools, Tools, and More Tools

This is obvious, but here are some specifics for more basic plumbing repair jobs. A wrench set is your first and most important investment since most plumbing issues usually require tightening—or loosening—pipes and valves in some form or another.

Having a set of hex keys, also called Allen wrenches, are a must for removing faucet handles. Screwdrivers and socket wrenches are universally handy. And don’t forget to throw in a sturdy pair of work gloves, in addition to latex gloves that can be discarded after messy jobs.

3. Plunger – and Other Un-Clogging Goodies

The staple of any plumbing job, a plunger is the first line of defense against drain and toilet clogs alike.

For more stubborn clogs, the next best thing is a drain snake, a metal coil with an attached handle that is used to “snake” down a drain and pull out all the gross stuff causing the problem. They come in manual or electric form.

4. Tape and Putty

Having duct tape and Teflon tape are a must. Duct tape has myriad applications—as it’s known for—such as temporarily sealing leaks, etc. Teflon tape is used for metal-on-metal connections to make them waterproof and tighten easier.

Putty, contact cement, and caulk/epoxy are great sealants for a number of repairs.

5. Other Handy Items

A flashlight or headlamp are great for investigating problems—as you know, plumbing issues often pop up in dark and out-of-the-way places. Having clean-up items on hand like paper towels, shop rags, a mop, disinfectant spray and bleach are a must. Having an assortment of washers, nuts and bolts and even commonly used pipe connections and joints can come in handy, as well.

A plumbing tool kit is a great way to minimize damage before a plumbing technician reaches your San Luis Obispo home. If your plumbing woes require the pros, our friendly, local plumbing team can be reached by calling (805) 934-1949. For non-emergency visits, you can also request an appointment online.